Gibraltar Stock Exchange Launches Crypto Exchange to Lure In European Institutional Traders

By Mark
June 2, 2018 Updated April 2, 2022
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Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange

The Gibraltar Stock Exchange (GSX) is launching a cryptocurrency Exchange called Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange (GBX) in order to woo the European Institutional Investors. By providing an easeful and regulated crypto exchange, Gibraltar is planning to become a crypto exchange haven as well after being ICO favorable.

Gibraltar: A hot place for all things crypto

Gibraltar is a hot spot for all things cryptocurrency right now. After attracting popular and some of the biggest crypto exchanges like Binance, it is now planning to court European institutional investors.  

In this latest development, the Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange (GBX) is launched that has introduced about three hundred account holders. With the focus on institutional crypto investors, these limited pre-selected participants overlap with European institutional investors.  

GBX, a subsidiary of the Gibraltar Stock Exchange (GSX) is planning to become the first licensed and regulated crypto exchange. By attracting the attention of the European investors, GSX is planning to lead in digital currency exchange.

Through constant efforts, Gibraltar is presenting itself as an attractive destination for cryptos to reap from crypto profits. Last year, the Gibraltar parliament unanimously voted to amend the Financial Services Act to crypto market. The country is also the first one in Europe to regulate ICOs.

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European institutional investors to pour in!

The soft launch of the platform has been followed by the announcement of another sponsor Blockchain Worx that totals the sponsor companies to 10.

The users so chosen will be provided exclusive and complete access to the trading platform. Apart from trading and participating in the launch, the clients will also be asked to provide their feedback.

Nick Cowan, the CEO of GBX stated:

“This is a significant step in our journey to becoming a leading digital asset exchange and token sale platform. The soft launch of the platform will mean that we can continue as effectively as possible toward providing an institutional-grade token sales springboard for utility tokens and top-quality digital asset exchange for the global blockchain and trading communities.”

With the promise to provide a safe, transparent and efficient platform, the GBX GRID token was also launched successfully. Traceto and Strykz tokens will also be sold by using this platform.

Looks like the European institutional investors will now be making an entry into the crypto market as GBX provides a regulated and easeful platform. This is certainly a good news as it is likely to bring lots of money into the crypto space.

Do you think now with European institutional investors joining the crypto market, we are in for a significant bull run in near future? Share your thoughts with us!

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