Ethereum’s Most Ambitious Project Golem Coin Hikes 20% Following Binance Listing

By Stan Peterson
Published April 27, 2018 Updated April 27, 2018
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golem coin
golem coin

Ethereum’s Most Ambitious Project Golem Coin Hikes 20% Following Binance Listing

By Stan Peterson
Published April 27, 2018 Updated April 27, 2018

One of the most awaited and the earliest crowdfunded projects of ethereum, Golem coin has made it on the Binance exchange where it is now available for depositing and trading for GNT/BTC and GNT/ETH pairs. The news brought a surge of about 20 percent in GNT prices which is now at $0.63. After launching its beta version on Ethereum MainNet, Binance listing is another great boost for GNT prices.

The underdog has risen: Golem coin surges about 20 percent

One of the earliest and the most awaited projects of Ethereum, Golem coin is finally going mainstream with Binance listing. Now, you can trade GNT tokens on the top cryptocurrency exchange for Bitcoin and Ethereum. You can start depositing your GNT as Binance has made the GNT/BTC and GNT/ETH pairs available for trading.

Binance listing is a big news for any cryptocurrency and as such announcements are expected to, Golem coin has registered a hike of about 20 percent by reaching $0.630422 USD.

Launched in 2016, Golem was one of the earliest ICO based on ethereum platform that gained a lot of attention by managing to collect $8 million in about half an hour of its GNT tokens’ launch. It is an open source, the decentralized global supercomputer that can be accessed by anyone.

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The most awaited project gets in the limelight

In Golem ecosystem, one can loan out the spare resources of their computer to those who require the additional power to perform tasks. It is basically the Airbnb of the computer that allows you to earn money with your underused or unused resources.

The project works with the idea to create a global market for computing power that allows users to rent their CPU powers and in return get paid in GNT tokens.  

At the beginning of this month, after two years of working on its project, Golem launched the beta version of its app on the Ethereum Mainnet.

One of the first crowdfunded projects of cryptocurrency sector took the skeptics and enthusiasts both by surprise by making its Brass Beta version live with the statement:

“We’ve come a long way. From being one of the first crowdfunded projects, way past the challenges we had to face while navigating the uncharted territory that is building Golem, the time has come to take the big step: Mainnet launch is here.”

However, the beta launch of a software has more often than not risks associated with it as notified by Golem: “… even though this new stage will expose our project to diverse risks, it is not possible (or responsible) to say a product is finalized without real users.”

Golem is in the infancy stage with Clay Golem, Stone Golem, and Iron Golem lines up as milestones of the project which is expected to rise more as it moves from conceptualization to development.

Do you think Golem coin will close the gap to $1 soon? Let us know your views in the comment section below!


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