News Flash: Did Google Blacklist “Ethereum” keyword in Google Ads Without Intimation?

By Tabassum
Published January 13, 2019 Updated January 13, 2019
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News Flash: Did Google Blacklist “Ethereum” keyword in Google Ads Without Intimation?

By Tabassum
Published January 13, 2019 Updated January 13, 2019

Recently on January 09, 2019, a group of Ethereum blockchain developers from ‘Decenter’ claimed that ‘Google blacklisted Ethereum in Google Ads’. Businesses centered on crypto mechanism pursued joyful leadership when Google finally reversed its Ad policy in October last year. Seemingly, they again restarted advertising their crypto businesses using Google paid advertisement service.

Is Ethereum keyword prohibited on Google Ads?


The claim was reported via Reddit on ‘Ethereum subreddit’ as well as a Twitter social media network. They argued that the Ads containing keyword ‘Ethereum’ is no longer showing Ads. Nevertheless, the problem first appeared on 09th January which has been addressed to Google officials as well.

We could not find any news about recent policy updates anywhere. The keyphrases such as “ethereum security audits” were simply getting impressions until January 8th and then suddenly stopped, showing only this very ambiguous error as the explanation.

On the other hand, Google’s officials have responded on social media stating that ‘if the advertisers are targeting ‘Crypto Ads’ beyond the permissible countries which are US and Japan, the Ads will not be allowed.

Additionally, Google advised developers to visit ‘cryptocurrency’ info sections of Google for more details.

Henceforth, the statement of Google didn’t hint any modification in the policy or any promptness with the keyword ‘Ethereum’. But at some point, Reddit users who are engaging in the conversation have indicated the error to the ‘Ethereum’s conspiratorial update’. One of such redditor (username – berok212) adds that;

I hate the conspiratorial everyone’s out to get us to the attitude with crypto. Let’s not pretend like we don’t know the real reason ethereum was blacklisted, it’s because a lot of smart contracts are just scams. No shit Google doesn’t want that. Continuing that, This sounds like shit conspiracy theorists say. Like when you call out a 9/11 truther and they say well there’s a lot of stuff the US government doesn’t want you to know.

Is Ethereum’s upcoming Constantinople upgrade Behind this?

Initially, in March 2018, Google announced the ban of Google Adwords concerning cryptocurrency terms to curb scams. The banned terms were ICO, cryptocurrency exchanges, cryptocurrency wallets, and trading advice. However, the ban was reversed and roll back part of its ban in the fourth quarter of the same year (but only in the US and Japan). Nevertheless, the group claims that the Ads with the keyword ‘ICO, bitcoin, Eos, blockchain etc’ are still working fine and not ‘Ethereum’. With the concern of IP change, the group has also tried advertising their “Ethereum service’ on Google across different location by using VPN. The result of IP change makes no difference, ‘ ‘No ads with Ethereum in any other country seen’.

The group of developers also asked other advertisers if they’re also facing such an ambiguous error. As such, they demand Google respond to the matter;

We are concerned that Google is targeting Ethereum specifically for some reason and wanted to see if we as a community could put some pressure on the Google Ads team to adjust their keyword policy or to at least provide a reasonable explanation for such discriminatory regulations.

It’s not clear why a specific keyword is prompted on Google Ads while other terms are actually working without any hassle. Moreover, as the redditors are claiming, Etherum’s eighth major system upgrade ‘Constantinople fork’ which is to be carried out on January 16, 2019, might be the reason behind the error. ‘This proximity may or may not be the basis for Google stopping the Ethereum Ads’.

What do you think? What’s your stake on developer’s claim? Share your thoughts.

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