Government of India starts its quest to find a final solution to Bitcoin mania

Sunil Sharma Regulation News PublishedJanuary 8, 2018 | ModifiedApril 5, 2019

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Government of India starts its quest to find a final solution to Bitcoin mania

As announced in December about holding Bitcoin as an illicit currency by the government’s who’s who Arun Jaitley – a search for finding an expert started. But sadly the search is not even finished, and another news outburst that Bitcoin is on the roll once again. Looking at the same a board committee was registered with Rajeev on the lead committee.

On Rajeev Chandrasekhar’s inquiry of whether the Indian government is thinking about to obstruct all ledgers and charge cards that are being utilized for Bitcoin/cryptographic money exchanges, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley educated the Rajya Sabha that the administration is anticipating the recently named master board’s recommendation, as the exchanging as of now includes an immense number of clients and can be closed down as a component of some quick reactionary measures.

Arun Jaitley didn’t comment on the same and made sure to keep silence at the moment of enquiry. The inquiry was asked in light of the assumption that, since the administration has just elucidated that Bitcoin exchanging stating that isn’t legitimate in India. Isn’t it unlawful to deny a currency if maximum number of countries are willingly accepting and using it for exchanges.

In the interim, the cryptographic money trades are thinking that it’s exceptionally hard to adapt to the expanding administrative issues, as the enlistment itself has turned into a major migraine for clients. Numerous clients have expressed that it took a long time to get confirmed at real cryptographic money trades including Unocoin, Coin secure and Zebpay. For enrolled clients, the exchanges are getting deferred by hours up to days.

The condition of crypto coins in other countries

Looking at the growth of various crypto-currencies many countries including America, Japan and china have indirectly accepted the exchanges of trade with Crypto-currencies looking at the fact that crypto-currencies are easy to exchange and moreover speedier than any other method of exchange.


It is definitely correct to accept the crypto-trading looking at the trends but if in case you are doubtful about the same, bound them under legislation as South Africa did. They made sure that Crypto-trading is not done with virtual accounts rather a legit bank account should be used so that one can be traced in case the country requires identifying the person behind trading.

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