Grow Welcomes Social Media Influencer Branden Hampton as Chief Cannabis Officer

By Achal Arya
Published April 22, 2021 Updated April 22, 2021
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Grow Welcomes Social Media Influencer Branden Hampton as Chief Cannabis Officer

By Achal Arya
Published April 22, 2021 Updated April 22, 2021

Grow, a green medicine startup powered by blockchain technology has landed Branden Hampton as its Chief Cannabis Officer (CCO). According to a Press Release shared with Coingape, the consideration of Hampton for the role is based on his contributions to many company’s social media campaigns and marketing. As the new CCO, Hampton will deploy his over 20 years of experience to help advance the innovative offerings of the Grow ecosystem.


Marketing is crucial to the success of every brand. The professional placed in charge of publicity has a big role to play in determining the global reach of such projects in search of cross-boundary adoption and general product acceptance. With Branden Hampton and his pronounced public profile with a network of 36 million followers across his social media accounts, Grow is better positioned to attain its brand growth targets.

As the Chief Cannabis Officer of GROW, Hampton will be responsible for developing GROW’s outreach strategy and leverage his vast network of celebrities, athletes, artists, and influencers to educate the public on the benefits that blockchain technology can offer to the medical marijuana industry. 

Prior to his appointment as CCO, Hampton has had a successful career working with such brands as Shopify, Fashion Nova, Lyft, Postmates, DraftKings, and many others.

The Grow Business in Retrospect

Grow’s business is centered around the development of the medical marijuana industry by decentralizing access to cultivation and sale of the products. The startup uses blockchain technology to facilitate access to and enhance the verification of marijuana distribution. On the mainstream level, Grow helps to foster the adoption of both medicinal marijuana and blockchain.

The Grow ecosystem is powered by the Grow Token and according to the project Whitepaper, the token’s objectives will be “to decentralize the cultivation of medicinal cannabis, and the payment and distribution of related products on the blockchain.”

Grow Token holders will have access to all of the project’s product offerings and will be the first to benefit from the project’s efforts to roll back unfavorable legislation against the use of medical marijuana in various jurisdictions.

“GROW is a true cannabis utility token having an ecosystem, which allows people to play a game and purchase or earn digital assets, which are extremely important pieces of the puzzle to mass adoption,” said Hampton. “The platform offers a very easy entry point for people who love cannabis but are still learning about cryptocurrency.”

Gamifying the Process of Cannabis Cultivation

Grow is also developing a system where users will be able to grow Cannabis in a gamified manner and earn rewards for efforts put in. GROW offers an innovative DeFi solution to yield farming. Users can lock their tokens into an NFT seed and watch as the investment comes to life. Following the growth cycle, the locked tokens may be retrieved along with accrued interest and the platform will create an avenue where the NFT plants can be sold on a secondary market.

While the virtual offerings are innovative, Grow maintains an active partnership with marijuana producers in the real world. These partners include established marijuana growers such as Kannabyte, JuicyFields, Cannahealing, Sabores Púrpura, LC MED, and Cannabis Intl. Aps.

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