How Crypto Custodian Firms will Form New Age Banks Under the SEC Guidelines: Analyst

Nivesh Rustgi Regulation News published July 10, 2019 | modified July 10, 2019

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How Crypto Custodian Firms will Form New Age Banks Under the SEC Guidelines: Analyst

Recently, the SEC in the US released a new set of guidelines on 8th July 2019, specifically for cryptocurrencies service providers. The SEC regulations have kept the start-ups under a lot of doubts for the current guidelines have failed to cover cryptocurrencies.

According to their new press release, the SEC will view custody arrangements and non-custodial arrangements differently. Furthermore, it has also allowed for the inclusion of non-custodial service firms to operate in the US. This is a positive move for start-ups like P2P platforms, payment facilitators, and OTC desks.

Caitlin Long, from the Wyoming Blockchain Task Force – a state-sponsored Task Force, established for blockchain development, reviewed the new rules and shared here analysis for the future of Crypto Custody Firms.

The pending ETF proposal, along with several other trading applications and Exchanges require the firms to act as custodians of the cryptocurrencies. Hence, Caitlin thinks that

“SEC’s new guidance would have been a bummer for the #crypto custody industry were it not for #Wyoming‘s new #SPDI law”

The State of Wyoming in the Western part of the United States has enacted several laws related to blockchain earlier this year, making it the only state which provides a comprehensive legal framework for entities engaging with cryptocurrencies.

The ‘Custody Rule & Customer Protection Rule’ set up by the SEC is to protect the traders and investors against all possible threats to their investments. The Crypto Custody firms have so far established themselves as Trusts; however, they are still failing to meet the SEC guidelines.

here’s the definition of “bank” under the Exchange Act–state-chartered banks work here, but trust cos don’t. So…#Wyoming is where #digitalsecurities custodians (& #crypto custodians more broadly) are likely to set up shop, using our new #SPDI law. Come check us out!

Caitlin Long
Definition of a bank according to the SEC (Source)

SPDI is an abbreviation for ‘Special purpose depository institutions,’ these are essentially banks that act as custodians but do not engage in any kind of lending or leveraging activities. The inclusion of such services within the Financial Industry is imperative because it will help prosper ‘hard money’ over an interest rate and inflation driven economy that is expected to doom. Many experts have suggested that the current financial system is failing, and cryptocurrency is a hedge against that.

Caitlin also predicted that in a tweet that Trust companies in the US like Gemini, Grayscale, and so on will probably end up being banks to facilitate crypto trading and custody. She tweeted,

set up trust companies (NY, SC, NV) will prob end up converting to a #Wyoming #SPDI so they can meet certain #SEC rqmts simply by nature of being a bank (such as good control location, among others). We knew the #SEC has a preference for banks over trust cos as #crypto

Therefore, it might not be long before the actual ‘crypto-banks’ start competing in the Financial Services industry.

What do you think the existing banks will do to shun the competition? Please share your views with us. 

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