The Human Factor in Trading is Obsolete – Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence are Coming to the Fold

By Casper Brown
Published June 22, 2021 Updated June 22, 2021
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The Human Factor in Trading is Obsolete – Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence are Coming to the Fold

By Casper Brown
Published June 22, 2021 Updated June 22, 2021

In 2020, more than 90% of trading on the Forex market was performed by machines and algorithms. Some argue that this percentage will not change much in the future, as whatever tasks were subjective to automation are already being executed by computers. After investing years in research and gathering some of the best experts in the field of investing and trading, one project begs to differ. The financial empowerment ecosystem Dohrnii has come up with a solution that will change the way we invest in cryptocurrencies forever.

Over the years, the number of tasks and functions we have delegatеd to computers has been exponentially increasing. Trading and investing is not an exception – in fact, it is one of the industries where machines have taken over the majority of the work to be done, leaving only the most complex and abstract tasks to us. Large investment management companies have long started using advanced software products for portfolio and risk management that have an array of functions the average trader is not even aware of.

What are the consequences of this reality? Some might argue it is impossible for machines to be as efficient as humans when it comes to decisions regarding reading and interpreting the data – even more when it comes to factors such as market sentiment. On the other hand, supporters of the concept claim that the use of computers can bring the markets closer to an equilibrium characterised by low volatility and high predictability, resulting in favorable conditions for most stakeholders due to the lower degree of speculation and less bubbles forming thereof.

Artificial Intelligence and blockchain are making their way into trading

AI and AML (Automated Machine Learning) are in fact not new to the investing and trading landscape. For more than a decade the technologies have been advancing in their use cases, introducing new heights in data analysis, price predictions and risk management. While scientific proof is still lacking as to how impactful their introduction to the industry would be, some of the key players have been researching its potential use cases for years.

With the introduction of blockchain, the financial world was shaken to its core. The concept of DeFi protocols presented a whole new chapter in how transactions are handled. Decentralized finance opened new horizons and the introduction of new concepts empowering traders around the globe regardless of the size of their bank account.

Dohrnii is up to the challenge

Dohrnii is among the very few projects that have dived deep in the complex environment of Artificial Intelligence, Automated Machine Learning and blockchain technology. However, it might prove to be the only one that has come up with a solution that is viable for crypto trading.

The biggest challenge in AI and AML is to adjust their application for the cryptocurrency market, which is highly volatile and influenced by a multitude of factors in different lengths compared to the stock market. This is a considerable obstacle, considering that they are still yet to be successfully implemented within the traditional trading and investing landscape.

Dohrnii has identified the main factors influencing the prices of cryptocurrencies and has come up with an ingenious way of bridging the gap between AI, AML and blockchain technology. 4 main AIs and their hundreds of subordinate AIs analyze all variables moving the crypto market. By utilizing big data, Dohrnii constantly collects information such as geopolitical events, fiscal policy changes, new advancements in blockchain technology, opinions of highly regarded influencing figures on social media and hundreds of other factors. Based on the information gathered, the AI modules identify thousands of correlations and design various hypotheses such as price prediction models. The modules then use a large amount of historical data to test the validity of these models, ultimately coming up with a reliable way of predicting how the market will respond once a certain type of event occurs. These predictions including portfolio adjustments are delivered to the traders on the Dohrnii platform through the first Robo advisor for cryptocurrency trading.

Next to the advanced trading analysis Dohrnii is offering to its traders, the project provides access to the first crypto trading academy that is based around personalized learning plans. After the user completes the onboarding questionnaire, Dohrnii automatically analyzes their level of knowledge and experience and assigns a custom bundle of various educational materials such as video tutorials, infographics, analysis of trade models and many others. 

The way forward is paved by technology

It is only a matter of time before AI, AML and blockchain make their way deep into the financial world and be reliably applied to cryptocurrency trading. Dohrnii takes a giant leap forward in bringing them much earlier to the fold, becoming a pioneer in a market that is yet to reach its full potential.

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