Huobi Wallet to Fully Support TRON DApps

By Tabassum
Published March 13, 2019 Updated March 15, 2019
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Huobi Wallet to Fully Support TRON DApps

By Tabassum
Published March 13, 2019 Updated March 15, 2019

A largest Singapore-based crypto exchange, Huobi Global announced to support TRON’s DApps on Huobi Wallet, the native wallet of Huobi exchange.

According to the TRON’s official report, TRON network is currently supporting more than 187 DApps, over 464 smart contracts, 10 Decentralized exchanges (DEXs), six collection games and 40 DApps tools.

Consequent to the announcement of Huobi Global, the multi-chain light Huobi wallet will fully support TRX DApps.

Ross Zhang, the head of marketing for Huobi Group says that the largest community of TRON network is the specific reason behind Huobi’s decision. He says;

“We are proud of the fact that Huobi Wallet is now one of the most Tron-friendly wallets on the market.

Huobi Onboard TronTrade

Furthermore, TRONtrade, the decentralized exchange (DEX) based on TRON network reveals its concern with Huobi Wallet. Per the announcement, it is the only TRON DEX where a user can buy and sell various TROC10 and TRC 20 cryptocurrencies without any hassle using Huobi wallet. Following the announcement, Huobi Group took to Twitter and welcome TronTrade DApp onboard. It says;

Thanks, @TronTrade for supporting Huoibi Wallet, and welcome TronTrade DApp onboard. TronTrade is the best #Tron DEX and is the only DEX app on Huobi Wallet

Addressing Huobi’s concern towards TRON, Justin Sun, the founder and CEO of TRON shout out the partnership and appreciated the move, stating that;

“Thanks to Huobi for its support and contributions to Tron’s decentralized ecosystem,”


So far, TRON has been successfully outperforming both rivals Ethereum and EOS’s DApp – as said by Justin Sun, the weekly transaction volume increased by 207%. Moreover, TRON presently holds 27 million more transactions every day in comparison to the rival blockchain. As such, a quick report from Dappreview broke out a new tweet on TRON DApp;


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