CoinGape is a team of entrepreneurs, crypto experts, investors and traders which is committed to extend best in industry service to help clients achieve their goals. We ensure your ideas become reality and help you in transforming them into businesses.

Our list of ICO Services include:


Our custom methodology, profound professional understanding, and thoughtful insights on Blockchain technology influence the future of every patron we work with. Our team assists in designing a shape for your thoughts and walking you through a successful business roadmap.


We help you build a viable & sustainable token economy by writing a well-defined Whitepaper & Business Plan, designing Token Economics, defining Token Allocations, getting it listed on multiple Exchanges.


Technology is at the core of Token sales and we leave no stone unturned in building state of the art tech solutions for your business. We do end to end tech services ranging from product website to ICO launch platform, building DApps to creating & auditing Smart Contracts for a successful Tokensale.


People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it. We help you position your Brand and thereby build it through a series of exercises such as designing logo, defining tone & persona of the company, knit a beautiful brand story and communicate it to the whole crypto-community.


In order to build and maintain positive sentiment of your token, we define your PR strategy, manage your reputation in the digital world, and build a community which speaks highly of you as well as influences others to recognize your token as a valuable asset.


Our community building team helps you build an ever-growing & long-lasting community, and keep it engaged through an effective communication system. We help you build relations with your users & investors on multiple channels, run successful bounty campaigns, and leverage the power of network & media.