“World’s Worst Criminals Were Once Innocent”, Andreas Antonopoulos Speaks on Securing Identities

By Tabassum
December 25, 2018 Updated April 12, 2022
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In the chaos of talk to integrate Blockchain on the system or not, Andreas Antonopoulos, blockchain bestselling author speaks about the ‘securing identities on the blockchain’. While speaking about the ‘digital identity’, he asserted that;

“I am extremely skeptical that you can solve problems of identity simply by throwing a magic blockchain at it.”

World’s Worst Criminals Were Once Innocent

However, he says that the information regulated entities which are requesting for a digital identity for the people don’t necessarily require, adding that the ‘world’s worst criminals were completely innocent before they committed their first crimes’.

As such he said that today the system demand identity to protect confidential things or funds from the risk of fraud; however, he noted that ‘identification doesn’t mean you are trustworthy or that your behavior is good’. Consequently, he kept on saying that your goodness in past doesn’t mean that you will behave well in days to come.

Andreas emphasized that today’s society accepts a person is good if he’s identified and in case if he is identified and not good, they’re liable for the punishment. Talking caustic on this, he noted that in both the cases it resulted in ‘ the exclusion of several billion people from the financial system’. Andreas said that;

But several hundreds of thousands of criminals have both identification and banking licenses,”.

According to him, authorities issuing the ‘identification documents based on such a system will be criminals;

Eventually, those who have control over people’s identification become the biggest criminals of them all.” He said

Continued on this point to reduce terrorism and crime, Andreas doesn’t believe such identification before the transaction can ever help government ‘control the crime and terrorism’.

“It just ensures that the only people who can commit massive crimes against millions of people are those who are funded and supported by governments,”

Andreas is the author of the famous books including ‘The internet of money, Mastering Bitcoin program, Mastering Ethereum building is often appear on bulletins speaking about Bitcoin, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency. As said in his video, he is not stating about ‘blockchain identification’ he instead prefers ‘anonymous cryptocurrencies’.

“This gives people the freedom to transact and interact with each other without forcing them to use regulated intermediaries. It gives those intermediaries enormous power with very little benefit for humanity.” He said

Moreover, while he often speaks with regulatory bodies or the people related to government entities, he said that the identification issue can be overcome only if we had ‘more control over people’, adding that with this, ‘finally crime will be eradicated’.

“It is always just a bit more power, more identification, more control for them. If you believe that, then its the path to fascism,” said Andreas.

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