#PR:IDOWall Open Doors to Investors via WALL Token Presale Round

By Stan Peterson
Published January 5, 2022 Updated January 5, 2022

#PR:IDOWall Open Doors to Investors via WALL Token Presale Round

By Stan Peterson
Published January 5, 2022 Updated January 5, 2022

With the start of a new year, the crypto market is seeing countless new and promising investment opportunities on the horizon. One of these opportunities is presented by IdoWall, a Cardano ecosystem-based blockchain project that is focused on making numerous initial Dex offerings (or IDOs) and Pre-Sale listings of native Cardano tokens accessible through launchpads.  In short, IDOWall wants to reduce the time taken and problems faced by investors looking for any Cardano IDO project to put their money into.

Objective: upon launching IdoWall’s token sales pad, the platform will allow users to independently research, analyse, and manage the IDOs and token presales associated with the Cardano ecosystem.

Pros of IDOWall Interface

For a long time, new crypto projects that belong to the Cardano ecosystem have been holding token sales, token minting procedures, etc but a large chunk of investors have avoided participating due to the fear of exit scams and bad actors within the ecosystem.

To solve this growing problem that could someday obstruct the path of the Cardano ecosystem’s expansion, the IdoWall team has come forward with a revolutionary platform that does all the difficult and in-depth research & analysis by itself to give investors refined results in return.

An Overview of IDOWallet

IdoWall has recently launched its first-ever product in the form of Idowallet, an exclusive application used for storing private keys by users in a safe and secure environment. The functions of IdoWallet includes;

  •     Sending
  •     Receiving
  •     and spending digital currency using the Cardano ecosystem
  •     Through IdoWallet, users can also browse different types of DeFi apps in future
  •     More importantly, IdoWallet enables the staking ability for $WALL holders

Uses of $WALL

In order to achieve its goal, IdoWall has announced its one-of-a-kind utility token named $WALL. $WALL tokens are intended to be used for transaction fees and for trading pairs with other Cardano tokens present in the IdoWallet. The best thing about $WALL tokens is that after a successful seed round completion, the IdoWall team has begun a pre-sale round for $WALL, giving millions of investors, a chance to participate in their project.

WALL tokens are going to be extremely useful once the entire platform is live. Holders of these tokens will not only get passive income or even stake WALL to farm ADA, but also voting power to favour a specific Cardano native project.

Total tokens allocated for the presale round are 1.5 million. The pre-sale page:https://idowall.com/pre-sale.html is live for anyone interested in checking out how IdoWall can make a difference in the current scenario. Once you purchase the minimum amount (100 WALL tokens) the tokens will be sent immediately to your wallet.

About IdoWall:

Think of IdoWall as a one-stop destination for all Cardano native token IDO analysis tools with which you can;

  •     Track multiple tokens presales
  •     Find vital information regarding every single presale
  •     Hold WALL tokens to access IdoWall Pro and its unique features

Social Media Handles:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/idowallprojects

Telegram: https://t.me/idowall

Medium: https://idowall.medium.com (https://idowall.medium.com/)/

Media Details

Company Name: IDOWALL

Contact Name: Eddy Wagner

Email: [email protected]

Website: https://idowall.com

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