Crypto Interest Rates for January 2022

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$19248.89 -1.32612% Market Cap : $367469903604
platform category Decentralised Duration Interest
Ledn wallet N/A 10.10% earn
BlockFi wallet N/A 8.60% earn
StormGain exchange 30 days 10.00% earn
Nexo wallet N/A 8.00% earn
Cake DeFi defi N/A 6.00% earn
Coinloan wallet N/A 7.20% earn
YouHodler wallet N/A 4.91% earn
CoinDCX exchange 7 Days 4.75% earn wallet 90 Days 3.00% earn
Compound Finance defi N/A 45% earn
Bitfinex exchange N/A 0.13% earn
platform category Decentralised Duration Interest
Nexo wallet N/A 0.00% earn
Coinloan wallet N/A 4.50% earn
YouHodler wallet N/A 16.22% earn
CoinDCX exchange 7 Days 4.75% earn
Constant wallet 30 days 7% earn
Bitfinex exchange N/A 0.02% earn

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are you looking for a Crypto loan?

    Coingape enables you in determining the most suitable interest rate by providing comparison data depending on cryptocurrencies.

  • Borrowing against your crypto is possible ?

    Yes, however it is a risky alternative due to its fluctuating value. As a result, you may follow Coingape for frequent cryptocurrency updates and market analysis.

  • How Crypto Lending and Borrowing Works ?

    You may put your cryptocurrency to work for you if you generate interest in it. Whether you're trying to enhance your investment strategy by carefully managing your portfolio and constantly investigating new opportunities, or just retaining cryptocurrencies for the long term, lending out your cryptocurrency is a viable option for increasing your income. Borrowing cryptocurrency is one of the most effective ways to fund a business or increase the amount of money accessible for day trading or high-yield investments on the market. You obtain interest rates that are significantly lower than those given by traditional financial institutions like as banks, in addition to the increased efficiency and speed of online Cryptocurrency lending.

  • How to get a Crypto Loan ?

    There are numerous sites that provide crypto currency loans, with interest rates varying from one platform to the next. Follow Coingape Interest Page for a glance at the interest rates of various platforms on various crypto currencies.