Introducing ZillaDoge: A Multi-Featured Community-Driven Memecoin

By Stan Peterson
Published October 30, 2021 Updated October 30, 2021

Introducing ZillaDoge: A Multi-Featured Community-Driven Memecoin

By Stan Peterson
Published October 30, 2021 Updated October 30, 2021

Amongst the many innovations that emanated from the blockchain and crypto ecosystem in the past year, memecoins received one of the biggest attention from the industry. From Dogecoin (DOGE) to Shiba Inu (SHIB), the memecoins notably transitioned from being just a joke token to ones with unique utilities.

Just as evolution is a fundamental characteristic of the crypto ecosystem, Zilladoge (ZILLADOGE), a community-driven memecoin has emerged. The advent of the Zilladoge token was accompanied by so many fundamentals chief of which is its combination of the tenets of memecoin, Utility, Non-Fungible Token (NFT), and Play-2-Earn (P2E). The idea with Zilladoge is simple, to serve as a one-stop token that can accommodate the capabilities of today while being flexible to accommodate for the evolution of tomorrow.

Here’s the Catch by Becoming a Zilladoge Holder

With many projects or tokens out there and proliferating at a fast pace, investors may be somewhat confused as to what token to invest in or not. The digital currency ecosystem is fast transitioning from the era where ordinary hype gets a project anywhere, to the era where utility and use cases define the potential success and longevity of a project. This consideration is essential to decide where to invest one’s hard-earned money or not.

Zilladoge has factored in all these considerations and acquiring, and holding the tokens comes qualifies the investor for a number of incentives as outlined below;

  • BNB Earning Rewards: Acquiring ZILLADOGE and holding it in your wallet qualifies you to receive Binance Coin (BNB) as a reward. There is no other qualification to be entitled to this and besides the current market valuation of BNB, the coin’s future potentials per its ecosystem, and burning mechanism, are all designed to make the coin more valuable over time. With Zilladoge, anyone can be a part of the BNB future.
  • Governance: Zilladoge is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) and holders of the token are entitled to participate in the governance of the protocol. There is an allocation of the total token supply that has been earmarked to reward contributors to the protocol.
  • In-game payments: Through the host of partnerships that are currently in the works for Zilladoge, our token holders will be able to use the token as in-game payment models. The P2E games we are developing will also integrate payments using the digital token.

The features of Zilladoge transcend what has been described, and investments in the coin are bound to increase the value of invested funds over time as the token is designed as a deflationary coin with a consistent token burn program. Besides the direct burning of Zilladoge, the protocol also buys back tokens on psychological levels, sends them to burn wallets, and fills the liquidity pool. In all, the Zilladoge token has an anti-whale system that helps prevent excessive accumulation of the coin by one address. This creates equal opportunity for all, an innovation that appears native to the Zilladoge protocol.

A Peek into Zilladoge Tokenomics

The maximum supply of Zilladoge is pegged at 69,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 with exactly 60% of these supplies locked as liquidity on Binance Smart Chain’s flagged decentralized exchange, PancakeSwap.

A total of 15% of the total supply was issued out in the seed stage with the private sale, marketing, advisor, and future protocol developments taking exactly 5% of the total supply each. Other allocations include 2% for charitable courses, and 3% designated as airdrop to the community. 

The Zilladoge also has a ‘Taxation’ system that is billed based on designed slippages at either the time of purchase of the token or when holders are seeking to sell-off. Drawing on its tenets whereby it encourages holding rather than selling, the tax levied on selling, 20% is higher than that on buying, 15%.

Memecoin for the Future

Zilladoge embodies almost every aspect or area that a typical crypto project brandishes. The token has passionate and experienced developers behind its growth, with PR agencies recruited and paid for to help chart the course of the projected growth. Zilladoge also brandishes a workable roadmap, a guideline it says it will expand when it has achieved the currently defined milestones featuring amongst many holders, achieving over 100,000 token holders.

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