IOTA [MIOTA] Price Jumped 6 Percent Higher After FCA Regulated Firm Confirmed IOTA Crypto Payment Listing

Tabassum Altcoin News published March 22, 2019 | modified August 7, 2019

IOTA [MIOTA] Price Jumped 6 Percent Higher After FCA Regulated Firm Confirmed IOTA Crypto Payment Listing

While the leading cryptocurrencies are struggling to afloat – IOTA’s MIOTA crypto coin see a big gain of more than 6 percent within a couple of hours. At the moment, the coin trades at $0.31 in against US Dollar.

IOTA [MIOTA] Surged by 6.53%

With a strong bullish outlook over the short-term period, IOTA (MIOTA) sits at 14th spot with average trading volume $885,429,923. According to the data by Coinmarketcap, IOTA (MIOTA) looks too closer to grab the 13th position of Monero which stands with an average market cap of $904,282,55, declining with 2.72 percent within 24 hours.

IOTA price

Following the market, IOTA’ majority of the trading volume was split among Upbit, Binance, Bitfinex and Huobi Global. Upbit Contributed transactions as much as $9,938,691 in pairs of IOTA/KRW while Binance contributed transaction worth $6,956,747 in pairs of IOTA/BTC.

Zeux Push for Wider IOTA Adoption

As the coin blooms higher among the top 15 cryptocurrencies, many speculate that the surge is due to the latest IOTA listing announcement at Zeux banking service app. Consequently, it was announced on March 21, 2019, that the Zeux app is soon adding IOTA crypto following its partnership with IOTA foundation.

Zeux has teamed with the IOTA Foundation to create a system that will allow users to use MIOTA tokens as payment with merchants that accept Apple Pay and Samsung Pay.

Zeux is reportedly an FCA authorized financial service company which will be launched in April this year in Europe. Further plans to launch in the US in 2020 across various merchants including coffee shops and grocery stores. Per the reports, IOTA users can use MIOTA tokens at regular stores to buy any regular items, provided that such stores/shops are favoring Apple Pay and Samsung Pay systems – this is because customers can pay MIOTA for items via Apple Pay and Samsung Pay.

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Founder’s View

The Zeux app integrates all banking payments at its one app and the latest integration of MIOTA token will likely boost the adoption of crypto at large. As per the report, the company is free from fees for opening an account, money transfers, top-up or crypt payment commissions. Concerning the announcement, IOTA foundation’s founder, David Sønstebø says that;

This partnership with Zeux will provide a significant convenience benefit for IOTA ecosystem. We are very excited about this. Now IOTA digital currency can be used as payment with merchants that accept Apple Pay and Samsung Pay. By combining existing technology with another form of currency, this is a big step forward towards the adoption of crypto for the masses.

In similar regards; Zeux’s founder and CEO, Frank Zhou embraced the partnership with crypto player IOTA and stated that;

As a distributed ledger with zero transaction fees, The Tangle is a very promising chain for us to build our customer data Dapp. This marks another step forward in our journey. We look forward to working with IOTA and giving their customer base even more financial freedom.

So as for now, IOTA is still not integrated at Zeux app– rather the firm has announced the listing. As soon as the partnership news rolled, IOTA began seeing bullish run. Stay tuned to know when IOTA will finally be live on Zeux app.

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