IOTA Finds Perfect Stage To Attract New Partners And Mergers                                   

By Disha Gautam
Published June 2, 2018 Updated June 3, 2018
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IOTA TEDx talk

IOTA Finds Perfect Stage To Attract New Partners And Mergers                                   

By Disha Gautam
Published June 2, 2018 Updated June 3, 2018

Being viewed at a rate of 1.5 million times a day, TEDx is a big ordeal when it comes to spreading a viewpoint or putting forth one’s ideas to a large audience base. The recent move of IOTA’s co-founder Dominik Schiener, to be a speaker in TEDx June 9 talks is thus much awaited as regards the implications in crypto market.

IOTA on a calm pace, but aiming high

In the crypto world, IOTA is extending its gains with a few short downturns that seemed to come handy with the continuous rise, the currency is waving through.

With a current value at $1.90 USD and waving to a nominal rise of 1.80%, IOTA is analyzed as a slow-steady winner by many. And as expected, the IOTA TEDx talk association is surely deemed to benefit its market trend.

It has completed its initial phase of the IOTA Data Marketplace project that was launched in the last quarter of 2017. Further entering into new associations with organizations like Nordic Semiconductor and collaboration with NTNU, the Norwegian Science and Technology University has nonetheless exhibited its expansionary policies that it wishes to bring forward.

The head of Business Development at IOTA Foundation, Wilfried Pimenta said regarding the partnership:

“We are very excited to see Nordic Semiconductor onboarding the data marketplace and exploring IOTA’s potential. Involving Academia in this exploration is a winning scenario for all as new IT talent is needed by all industries undergoing a digital transformation. With IoT and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), the Smart revolution is a massive opportunity for national stakes which we ought to shape together.”

Entrepreneurs and business analysts like Bettina Warbug, Rachel Botsman, Neha Narula, Don Tapscot, Paul Kemp Robertson have previously spoken about future prospects of cryptocurrencies in general. But none had direct associations to a particular crypto as in the case of Dominik.

This is the first time that a leading cryptocurrency has decided to spread its methodology and ideas in wake of such a mega event targeted to a mega audience.

He is sought to discuss the main challenge he’s working on right now, how to bring a nascent technology like IOTA to market-readiness – and thus unleash its full potential for society to benefit from it.

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Positive vibes round – About the corner

This move is due to attract numerous firms to join the fray and future mergers are surely seen coming to IOTA’s way. Mergers in crypto market always lead to a firm’s glory as has been observed in case of Ripple and many other cryptocurrencies.

The move of IOTA TEDx talk is part of their existing expanding policy that IOTA has followed in past few months.

This event has certainly expected to be a big news for IOTA as it undoubtedly adds to its progress chart.

Also, given big names in cryptos like Don Tapscot and Brettina Warbug associated with TEDx, IOTA’s exposure is of real significance and would make it stand out among the cryptocurrency brands.

It would thus be interesting to see as to what impacts, the IOTA TEDx talk would leave on the IOTA’s progress report in coming days.


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