Irbis Network Gears up For the Privacy-Oriented Telecom Era to Take Over the $3 Trln Global Market

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June 18, 2019 Updated April 12, 2022
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Irbis Network Reveals the Safecalls Distributed Telecom Network, Intents Two IEO Pre-Rounds And a Top-Tier Initial Exchange Offering in July

18 of June, 2019: Irbis Network, a decentralized telco network founded by SafeCalls Telecom, today announced its plans to perform two IEO pre-rounds, as well as a top-tier initial exchange offering, all scheduled for July-2019. Irbis Network ultimate goal is to marry the cutting-edge telecom, messengers, IoT and 5G technologies to the breakthrough routing and encrypting decentralized infrastructure. Irbis blockchain eliminates a large number of vulnerabilities, to which the current SS7/GSM protocol is exposed. 

The first ecosystem Dapps will be launched on the basis of SafeCalls, a GSM mobile network for secure calls protection offering a wide range of anonymity and security telco features. Dapps will become available for public use right after the 3-rd IEO round completion and Irbis Network launch.

SafeCalls now has three of its core products up and running: a mobile network for secure phone calls with “Fake Caller ID” and “Change Voice” functionality, a Telegram bot allowing GSM-to-Telegram calls, and a secure VoIP featuring quick online billing and low-cost international calls. The company will empower the SC Telecom ecosystem with an own decentralized VPN-based blockchain network, a Telegram-enabled SIM for mobile internet and calls, as well as an IoT-backed SIM to deploy IoT solutions. 
Launch of the own secure SafeCalls-based smartphone is now scheduled for Q3-2019.

“Modern telecom is far from saturation, the global penetration according to GSMA reaches 63%, – Maxim Ploskonosov, CFO and Irbis Network co-founder provides his insight on the market challenges. – Which means more than 3 billion people to have never owned or used a mobile phone.
The market is yet liable to multiple flaws – intermediary links, excessive expenditures, tech lagging and global oliology – making telco a low-competition/high investment barrier industry. Our mission to raise the quality, security and privacy of the modern mobile communication, and give an opportunity to take part in disruption to our global community. We are about to make Telecom 2.0 concept go live”.

Providing for the global telco revolution, Irbis Network presents its IBS token, an ERC-20 utility to serve as an internal unit of payment for communication and services within the ecosystem. Irbis Network has its next milestones set at two IEO pre-rounds, and a larger initial offering at a top-tier exchange in July-2019.

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