J9 Casino aims to enhance crypto casino gambling via its ‘provably fair’ games

By Stan Peterson
Published September 7, 2021 Updated September 7, 2021
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J9 Casino aims to enhance crypto casino gambling via its ‘provably fair’ games

By Stan Peterson
Published September 7, 2021 Updated September 7, 2021

The online casino gambling industry has been a part of the internet community for a couple of decades as gamers and players flock to play, bet and win prizes from the casinos. In recent times, however, players are increasingly complaining that the gaming models and winning formulas are unfair, leading to a lack of trust between the gaming companies and the players. 

Online casino players and gamblers have various doubts about the lottery process – from whether the tickets are real, the random number generation (RNG) is actually random, and how the jackpot winner is selected – which causes trust issues between players and the traditional lottery companies. 

Players are demanding a more transparent and fair process in the casinos and lottery to mitigate the risks of manipulation or fraud. As such, blockchain-based online casinos are cropping up to give players across the globe provably fair and easy-to-access casinos from the comfort of their homes. 

 J9.com, a digital online crypto casino aims to solve the issues affecting traditional online casinos and give global players a platform to place their bets on a provably fair and transparent platform. Below we detail the platform in depth giving you a low down on the features, games available, promotions, deposit & withdrawal channels, advantages, and cons of the generational platform. 

Overview of J9 online casino

Launched in 2012, J9 is the leading online betting brand built on a blockchain and uses cryptocurrency. The platform aims to provide players with provably fair games and slots with a keen eye on the security and stability of the platform. Players have a wide variety of products to choose from including live video betting, online betting, sports, and electronic games. 

The platform prides itself on the privacy and safety of clients’ data while offering global professional players a one-stop shop for all their gambling needs. Following continuous innovations and enhancements on the platform for the past decade, J9 provides users with ultimate security, the most stable network, smooth deposits and withdrawals, and unlimited withdrawals.

The J9 website reads,  

“The official credit backing, relying on the future trend, aims to lead the trend of gambling, create a new situation of blockchain combined with traditional gambling, and become the first choice of global winners” 

While not regulated by any single entity or government, J9 ensures only adults above the age of 18 years are allowed to gamble on the site. 

J9 Games and Sports platform

As with any upcoming online crypto casino, J9 has a small but growing number of products available to the players. Every betting, gambling, and gaming application on the site is built on the blockchain in a provably fair environment. The platform’s games are also unique and user-friendly to boost entertainment value to players as they play to win. 

The products are classified under sports bets, casino, lottery, slot, and fishing – each offering different “provably fair” challenges for players. 

Sports betting

Under the sports betting field, J9 provides users with the best betting experience for a number of sports including football, basketball, and tennis. J9 also partnered with Saba Sports, one of the leading Asian sportsbook providers, and YSB Sports, a 20-year old global sportsbook provider. 

Through the partnerships, J9 gives users all the hot events around the world to bet on every day. It also provides a fair and real-time virtual sports game for players to bet on. 


The casino offers users popular casino games such as blackjack, roulette, baccarat, Win three cards, Bull Bull, Three Faces, Dragon Tiger, and SicBo among others. The casino provides users with a fast seating option to start their games right away. Otherwise, players can select to join any of the three casino options including AGQJ, AGIN, or EVO. 


J9 offers players one of the most convenient ways of lottery game betting. With a high-quality betting interface design for the App, J9 provides you with many game choices to play, such as Fast Lottery, Vietnam Lottery, Malaysian Lottery, Laos Lottery and etc. 


Slots are the most common gambling products on the J9 website. With over 20+ games from the J9.com developers, players can seamlessly select their choice and play to win millions of dollars on the platform. The platform has also collaborated with AG Games, Playstar, Pragmatic Play, Top Trend games, and Microgaming to provide provably fair and transparent slots gaming. 

Deposits & Withdrawals

One area that J9 tops its opposition is deposits and withdrawals. The platform provides users with a plethora of cryptocurrency options for their deposits and withdrawals. Some of the crypto assets include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, XRP, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash, etc. 

For users with higher identification levels, fiat deposits and withdrawals are accepted, as well as a number of stablecoins – Tether (USDT) leading the line. Users can deposit as low as $10 worth of crypto or fiat to an unlimited number while allowing users to withdraw any amount. The platform does not charge users on any transactions – only the blockchain fees required. 

Promotions and bonuses

J9 also incentivizes VIP bettors with promotions, monthly free spins, and bonuses. Those in the high tier registration ranks are also liable to receive JB coins, which can be used on the platform or sold in the secondary market. 

The platform categorizes bettors into two major categories – low tier and high tier bettors. The low-tier bettors include Bronze, Silver, and Gold while the high tier includes Platinum, Silver Platinum, White Diamond, Purple Diamond, and Black Diamond. The full promotions and bonuses for each tier are available here


Built on the Ethereum platform, J9 aims at narrowing the gap between traditional online casinos and players by integrating blockchain technology. The platform focuses on provably fair games and transparency to enhance users’ trust in the platform. With the casinos moving online, especially with the disruption of COVID 19, platforms such as J9 hold the future of global casinos.
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