Justin Sun Attends SF Party Right After Postponing Buffett’s Lunch; Was Illness an excuse?

By Dare Shonubi
Published July 26, 2019 Updated July 26, 2019
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Warren Buffett Justin sun
L-R: Warren Buffett, popular businessman, Justin Sun, founder of Tron Foundation

Justin Sun Attends SF Party Right After Postponing Buffett’s Lunch; Was Illness an excuse?

By Dare Shonubi
Published July 26, 2019 Updated July 26, 2019

A lot seems to be happening around Tron Foundation’s Justin Sun recently. Less than 48 hours ago, the crypto entrepreneur penned a public apology with regards to postponing his controversial lavish $4.6 million lunch with the popular business tycoon, Warren Buffett. This was a lunch to which he had already invited a couple of other crypto influencers and evangelists in order to present the use cases of the blockchain to Warren Buffett.

Not until the now controversial apology was made public by Justin Sun recently did anyone believe Sun might truly have anterior motives as to why the lunch was ever publicized.

Sun apologized for a whole bunch of non-offensive endeavors. However, these only begs the question of whether or not Tron canceled his appointment with Buffett due to reasons of illness, Kidney Stones, to be specific.

Although, Sun explained he had used the Buffett’s lunch saga to “over-market” himself and his cryptocurrency establishment as a whole, in the guise of helping the general crypto populace to bring the 21st-century innovation to mainstream.

Now, does Sun have other motives? Why did he actually cancel his meeting with Buffett apart from “Kidney Stones”? At least, that couldn’t stop him from being in San Francisco a few hours ago to party with fellow Tron influencers!

Thursday night, supposed ill Tron’s Justin Sun who was reported to have Kidney Stones and needed medical attention and rest (reasons of which Warren Buffett had to wait for another appointment date) was sighted in San Francisco, at a party organized for Tron Influencers to have dinner.

With regards to ” over-marketing” earlier mentioned in Sun’s popular apology letter, couldn’t this be a continuation of the old ways for which Sun seemed to apologize?

Justin also promised to reduce media engagements, interviews and was going to have a rest while he got himself fixed up. According to Tron,

“In the future, due to my illness, I will take some rest,” he wrote in the Weibo post. “All efforts should return to blockchain tech development from marketing and hyping.”

This goes in the completely opposite direction to be sighted in San Francisco a few hours ago for such reasons as a party.


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