Justin Sun Plans to Make UBI a Reality, Announces Giveaway of $1.2 M to Support Yang’s Initiative

Published September 14, 2019 | Updated September 14, 2019

Tron CEO Justin Sun Makes another Big Bet Despite Failing in First

Justin Sun Plans to Make UBI a Reality, Announces Giveaway of $1.2 M to Support Yang’s Initiative

Following Andrew Yang’s presidential ambitions in which he announced to plans to give out $1,000 Universal Basic Income (UBI) to ten people every month, popular crypto wizkid and Tron boss, Justin Sun, has promised to give the same amount every month to 100 people in 2020.

$1k For 100 Families

The news comes when Justin Sun took to his twitter to make this announcement while retweeting The New York Times news item in which Yang’s plans of UBI was published. Justin Sun also promised to choose a lucky winner among the chosen 100 to attend his proposed lunch with the popular business tycoon, Warren Buffett. In order to achieve fair results, Sun also demanded that Andrew Yang, crypto enthusiast, and United States presidential aspirant help in the process of selecting the lucky 100 people.


While the community is responding to the two events in a number of ways, Sun’s UBI plans are of more importance and concern to the crypto community for a few reasons. Justin Sun has hit the headlines a few times this year already.

Sun Makes Mention Of Lunch With Buffett. Will It Be A Success This Time?

On several occasions, Sun made the headlines by reason of his proposed million-dollar lunch with Warren Buffett. Initially, this was a move Sun claimed was going to push crypto adoption as he planned to discuss crypto with other popular figures like Donald Trump. However, the plan was disrupted when Sun revealed that he had Kidney stones and was away for treatments, a reason for which the launch was postponed until further notice. Also, Sun had rendered some apologies for over marketing his project, Tron Foundation.

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