KuCoin Announces An Exciting Project Called Elastos To Their Platform

By Guest Author
Published July 18, 2018 Updated July 18, 2018
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KuCoin Announces An Exciting Project Called Elastos To Their Platform

By Guest Author
Published July 18, 2018 Updated July 18, 2018

The internet era has predominated all the perspectives of developments globally. With the difficulties that it faces, an ambitious and potential project arise and attempt to solve these predicaments. Elastos is considered the first Internet operating system that aims to build a blockchain-powered decentralized Internet. As they’re expanding, they have listed their system transaction currency ELA to one of the leading cryptocurrency markets in the world KuCoin.

Deposits are now available that includes trading pairs ELA/BTC and ELA/ETH. Buying will start at 21:30 (UTC+8) while Selling/Withdrawal at 22:00 (UTC+8).

About Elastos

Elastos has three things in one, a Blockchain powered internet, Operating System, and runtime for DAPPs and APPs. A simple proof of this is on the GitHub, where Elastos has three different containers for each; Elastos.OS, Elastos.RT and Elastos.NET.

The Elastos Internet

It is powering its internet in the blockchain, preventing hacking, copyright contents by digitizing contents, digitizing assets, block content tampering/theft such as phishing, Malware, and virus restriction. A case is presented why the internet is not so secured hence the reason why the automated economy hasn’t arrived yet. In the age where people prepare for the arrival of Artificial Intelligence, it is necessary to think why hasn’t any effort made to make the internet fully automated in essence provide the automated economy; one reason is that of the problems presented above malware and virus being the biggest issues. Think of it as the internet with Blockchain as the backbone.

Elastos ELA Token

The elastos token is called Ela, a total of 33 million would be generated the smallest unit of ELA is satoshi ELA (SELA) is respect to Satoshi, 1 ELA is equal to 1000000000 Sela.

Just like Bitcoin, the cumulative ELA that will ever be produced is 33Million, and the total ELA in circulation will increase every year by 4 %, circulating supply shouldn’t be mixed with the total supply.

Elastos will be merge mined with bitcoin, ELA will be delivered every two minutes, ELA foundation will take 30% from the newly minted ELA while the miners take the outstanding 70%

The tokens designated to Elastos foundation and angel investors shouldn’t be a cause for circulating supply anytime soon, and that the private sales (6 million ELA) and crowdsale (2 million ELA) accounts for the Private equity 24% of the total ELA. Therefore the main interest is in the Feedback bitcoin community allocation 16.5 Million ELAs are to be allocated.



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