KuCoin Announces MVP as Part of their Increasing List of Potential Tokens

By Guest Author
Published August 24, 2018 Updated August 24, 2018
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KuCoin Announces MVP as Part of their Increasing List of Potential Tokens

By Guest Author
Published August 24, 2018 Updated August 24, 2018

KuCoin, one of the leading blockchain asset exchanges globally, is proudly announcing the listing of another potential token MVP today. MVP is the native and transaction token of Merculet, the world’s internet business focused decentralized project.

Deposit is now available with pairs including MVP/BTC and MVP/ETH. Buying will commence at 19:30 UTC+8 and Selling/Withdrawal at 20:00 UTC+8.

Introduction to Merculet (MVP)

Merculet’s name is derived from Mercury and Blocklet, the Roman God of Commercial and the cornerstone of the blockchain.

It is positioning as Chief Growth Officer of Global Entrepreneur. Just like Mercury, what they want to do is to leverage the characteristic of blockchain (e.g., mutual trust) to support the practice of distributed business civilization.

They want to provide the ultimate solution of expediting user’s attention to enterprise growth. It also helps entrepreneurs to get rid of the pressure of monopoly and achieve increase along with the revitalizing of a value­ driven market.

Merculet’s Mission and vision

Merculet aims at the growth of enterprises and the landing of personal values and absolutely fill the gap in the growth domain. By presenting a truly distributed business community, all users will benefit from blockchain technology through Merculet without changing their habits; all entrepreneurs who appreciate their users will achieve accelerated growth through Merculet with implementing them deeper values.

The establishment of a distributed business needs three basic prerequisites:

  1. Internet Users Onboard
  2. Internet Enterprises Onboard
  3. The maturity of blockchain fundamental technology and products

There is a considerable gap between the enterprise­level demands of the Internet and the public chains. Merculet is dedicated to providing global Internet companies with standardized, large­scale, rapid adoption solutions (i.e., Internet Enterprises Onboard). Meanwhile, Merculet also strives to bring a massive amount of users and enterprises into the blockchain based Internet of Value, without changing the behavior of Internet users (i.e., Internet Users Onboard).

The Merculet MVP

As the transaction token of the business growth-driving, MVP implements fundamental value anchors for entrepreneurial activities of entrepreneurs globally:

– Empower entrepreneurs to have more business scenarios: such as online advertising, content subscriptions.

– As a reward for user’s attention, it will accomplish the effect of 1+1>2: MVP is not restricted to a single App or a single enterprise but can distribute.

– As an incentive for the basic amount of work in Open Content Platform, such as rewards for translators;

– As a reward for high-quality content producers in the method of content circulation, promote the sound development of content ecology.


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