KuCoin Announces The Listing Of 0x (ZRX) Today

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KuCoin has already demonstrated its efficiency in the cryptocurrency business. Their consistent growth both in interface and customer service has delivered the platform a smooth and secure system for every user. Thus, making KuCoin as amongst the most outstanding crypto exchange markets in the present time.

Today, they are delighted to announce that they have listed another promising altcoin, ZRX. It is the transaction currency of 0x a blockchain based business protocol.

Deposits are now available with supported pairs including ZRX/BTC and ZRX/ETH. Buying will be possible at 21:30 UTC+8 and Selling/Withdrawal at 22:00 UTC+8.

Introduction to 0x [ZRX]

Ox is known as an open protocol that is devised to extend a decentralized exchange as a component of the Ethereum blockchain. 0x is built utilizing a protocol that involves Ethereum smart contacts that enable those around the world to operate a decentralized exchange. The team behind 0x firmly maintains that in the future, it will find thousands of tokens from Ethereum and that 0x can implement an effective and trustworthy system to exchange them. 0x is designed to be distinct from both centralized and decentralized exchanges, presenting the best potential combination of features.

0x Protocol mission and vision

The 0x project is being financed by Fintech Blockchain Group, Pantera, Polychain Capital, Jen Advisors, and Blockchain Capital, giving several varieties of interests. When Warren and Bandeali co-founded the 0x Project in October of 2016, they did so in hopes of a world that permits for every asset’s representation as part of the Ethereum blockchain. Ideally, the covered assets would have everything from digital game details to stocks to gold and fiat currencies. With so much tokenization, there will be thousands of different types of tokens, requiring a trustless exchange for users. While the co-founders appreciate the developments of decentralized exchanges, they saw an opening for advancement. With 0x, they desire to address the incompetence of decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges as well as the inadequacy of several exchanges to work together.

The ZRX token

Another perspective of the 0x Project is the unique 0x Ethereum token, distinguished as ZRX. This token is how users pay Relayers’ trading fees. It is also a decentralized structure of governance for the 0x protocol’s upgrade system. Mainly, those who own ZRX have data in the protocol and enhancements to make that is equivalent to the amount held.

There is a set supply of one billion ZRX, and the token launch was current, on August 15, 2017. 50 percent of the tokens were issued during the launch with 15 percent held by 0x, 15 percent going to the developer supply, 10 percent going to the establishing team, and 10 percent going to the advisors and early backers. The tokens designated for founders and advisors as well as staff members will be issued over the course of four years, while those obtained during the launch event were liquid directly.

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