Lightning Network Payments Soon Coming to Microsoft Excel

Abhinav Agarwal Bitcoin News published October 26, 2018 | modified October 26, 2018

Lightning Network

Lightning Network Payments Soon Coming to Microsoft Excel

Pierre Rochard is working on an Excel plugin in order to make and receive Lightning Network payments with just a few clicks, further exposing Bitcoin, Blockchain, and crypto industry to a vast audience.

Receive & make LN payments on Excel with a few clicks

Cryptocurrency sphere is constantly evolving.

And soon we might be seeing the popular and most commonly used financial and accounting tool Microsoft Excel and its millions of users getting a taste of this technology. Lightning Network that is for instant and scalable bitcoin/blockchain transactions will get an Excel plugin.

Pierre Rochard, a software engineer who also runs Bitcoin Advisory and has about 40k followers on Twitter, came up with this as he Tweeted:

“The LND node software now runs from *within* the Excel plugin. With neutrino, that means that a Windows + Excel user can be making and receiving LN payments with a few clicks.”

This has been in line with his previous post on the same line when he first mentioned about it:

“Reality: 99.99% of finance and accounting has Excel on their desktop. They send the most pmts. The user interface of open, decentralized finance is @msexcel. A plugin is table stakes for any crypto project. Integrating with @lightning’s gRPC API using C# is a joy!”

According to Rochard, it will be coming very soon as he comments, “Public release will be at the end of the month.” And as put by one enthusiast, “trojan horsing lightning on every excel user’s desktop. brilliant growth hacking,” it certainly holds appeal.

Rochard further affirmed on Twitter that the plugin will be open source and as for where will be the keys and hash preimages stored, he says “In the LND wallet, excel is just UI to interact with it.”

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet used by millions of people all over the world that means this integration will potentially expose Lightning Network, Bitcoin, Blockchain and crypto industry by extension to a vast audience.

This certainly has the majority of the community excited as one user comments,

“What at first looks ridiculous – is actually brilliant. Why use an app to generate the invoice and track in excel – just use it in excel….. Unfortunately, 80% of the community won’t get it. Could actually drive adoption.”

While another one says, “That’s huge! A skip and a hop to plugging into any retailers accounting system.”

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