A Major 30% BTC Price Fall, $7.5k In View Predict Analysts

By Dare Shonubi
Published August 30, 2019 Updated August 30, 2019
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Bitcoin price Prediction

A Major 30% BTC Price Fall, $7.5k In View Predict Analysts

By Dare Shonubi
Published August 30, 2019 Updated August 30, 2019

The price of BTC in the past week has shown major fluctuations. While Bitcoin maintained its position above the $10k mark for a few days, it could not hold on to it for long. Before the end of day on the 29th August, it crashed below the long-held support level.

Following this major price plunge, analysts are now predicting that BTC might be on its way to a major 20%-30% price dip which can cause the price to perambulate around $7.5k region in the next few days. However, this drastic price fall, according to popular BTC traders, is healthy and would initiate the next bull season.

The Road To The Bear Markets

On August 28, BTC began a price plunge in which it moved rapidly from the $10,200 arena to the $9,700 area, losing around $500 in the process that represented a 5% dip in price within the hour. And shortly after, as though it were exhausted, briskly reversed the situation to gain about 2% before taking another U-turn to continue its bearish movement. The latest downward swing has caused BTC to fall below another major support level at $9500.

Source: CoinMarket Cap
Source: CoinMarket Cap

Analysts Are Bearish On Bitcoin

AngeloBTC’s Prediction

A Popular Whale whisperer and semi-retired crypto trader who runs a crypto Twitter account with a good following, going by the name AngeloBTC, recently shared his BTC price expectations. According to him, BTC is heading to break major resistance at $8k level.

Dave the Wave’s Prediction

Similarly, another experienced crypto influencer specializing in charting and who is also a bitcoin investor, took to his Twitter handle to share his prediction of a major price plunge which, according to him, will take BTC to the $7.5k area. Even $6.5 is within expected range as this underway bear movement is expected to go as far down as 50%, he says.

TraderWelson’s Survey

Many analysts are showing great concern around the present BTC bear movement. Popular cryptocurrency investor and analyst going by the name TraderWelson on Twitter also conducted a price poll in which a majority (about 50%) of respondents voted that BTC will go to the sub $8k area.

BTC price
Source: Twitter

The reason for this bear market is not exactly known. However, some people believe that it is related to acute market manipulation before Bakkt starts operating while others think that it is related to the U.S.-China trade war.

DonAlt tweet stipulates that as the long-lasting support of bitcoin reduces and weakens, the short term bias of the crypto has moved towards the downtrend.



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