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After the Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin market blows up in 2017, many people get into this market for making quick money. This article is showing you the ways to make money with your bitcoin.

In the beginning, there is a quote said:” There is no such thing as a free lunch”, no matter which ways this article provides should cost you money or time. You may choose the suitable way base to your situation.

  • Micro Earning

It must be the cheapest, easiest and stable way to earn bitcoin, However, this is the most time-consuming way. In general, you keep doing small tasks to earn an amount of a token which bases to the time you spend.

There are 2 famous micro earnings platform are and In these two sites, you can earn bitcoin if you click the link to the website and view the website for 30-60 second, you can earn a small amount of Bitcoin. For example, please follow the photo below, if you click “Win 100% free BTC bonus, Up to 10 BTC for you in Bexplus” and view the web site for 60 seconds, you can get 29 satoshis which are 0.00000029 Bitcoin. However, after calculation, If you repeatedly view the website in an hour, you can only get 0.00001740 which is around $0.07. I am not sure if it worth your time or on the other hand, the electricity fee to remain your computer on.

  • To be a crypto trader

It is the fastest way to earn money with Bitcoin is to become a crypto trader. Basically, there is 2 main trade method in the cryptocurrency market. One is spot trading, the other is futures trading.

Spot trading is traders buy Bitcoin at a low price and sell it after the price goes up.

A Futures trading is a derivative product which is an agreement to buy or sell a commodity, currency or another instrument at a predetermined price at a specified time in the future. 

Spot trading is more directly which you need to find the low price of the token and wait for the price goes up. The futures trading need more techniques of the trade. You need to not only find the appropriate point to get in but also have professional insight into the market. Base to the spot trading, futures trading can earn profit form the price goes up to falls down which has more opportunities to get profit from the market.

To become a successful trader, he needs to spend the massive time to understand how to trade and how to balance profit and risk. They have abilities in analyzing the market, setting effective strategies.

  • Get the referral commission form exchange or other crypto institutions.

Many exchanges or crypto institutions has referral project. They give rewards to clients or agencies for attracting more clients. People do not need to invest money to get a commission. People need to spend time introducing the exchanges or institutions to their friends, colleagues or fans and accumulate fans by sophisticated marketing skills.

  • Buy finance products to earn interest.

Since the crypto market turns to bull. There are a lot of Crypto finance products come up to fulfill the demand from the people who are not good at trading but do not want to sell the token in the low price. They are lack of methods to expand the number of their tokens.

Most of the financial products provide a way to earn an interest in lower risk. People only need to buy the financial products to get interested in a settled period such as a week, month or years. The normal rate of interest is around 20% to 40%. Although the return rate is low compared to trading(for the good traders, they may have a chance to get 200%-300% returns by trading). But it is a good deal for the people who do not good at trading.


However, people may need to access multiple platforms to perform those profit methods. The switch of different platforms increases the management cost. Is it possible that there are one platform includes all the methods together which give people to earn a profit at the same time? Here I’d like to introduce you the Bexplus crypto exchange to you.

Bexplus exchange

Bexplus is a world-leading derivative platform in cryptocurrency area, which aims at providing advanced financial services to global investors of futures trading by using blockchain technology.

At present, Bexplus offers perpetual contracts on BTC, ETH, LTC futures trading with up to 100x leverage, and more altcoins futures will be listed in the platform in the future.

It provides various ways to crypto-lover to earn a profit no matter how market changes.

You may see more details by the following the link:


Bexplus offers perpetual contracts on BTC, ETH, LTC futures trading with up to 100x leverage. If you invest 1 Bitcoin to buy a long position futures contract. You can get 2 Bitcoin if your Bitcoin price goes up for 1%.

Referral commission:

Inviters have a chance to get 10%-50% reward of each deposit from invitees.

Finance product (saving account):

Bexplus wallet has a new upgrade, safely deposit your bitcoin in Bexplus to earn interest. The interest rate is up to 72%

There is more Bonus for traders:

100% bonus for your deposit

100% FREE BTC bonus will be sent to clients who deposit and trade futures contracts in Bexplus. Deposit 10 BTC, you will get 20 BTC credited in your account.

For more details:

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