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Apecoin Price Prediction 2022 : The future of Web3 and NFTs ? 

Apecoin 2022

Published May 21, 2022


APECOIN is an ERC-20 governance and utility token for the ApeCoin DAO and the APE ecosystem, empowering further decentralization and development of web3. The APECOIN token with ticker APE went parabolic on the launch date as its price jumped by about 420% on day one and continued its bullish trajectory to about 590% bringing massive gains to investors.


So, you’re probably wondering if you should be buying into the APECOIN token and if it’s a coin that could stand the test of time. In this post, we’ll guide you into the details of the APECOIN and why we believe you can profit a great deal by following our price projection for 2022 and up to 2027. Let’s begin with a short history of how it all started.

History: The Inception story 

Yuga Labs became the leading NFT brand when they launched their Bored Ape and Mutant Ape NFT collections. To make their projects better, Apecoin was launched by Yuga Labs to power the overall functioning of their apps and services offered. Apecoin traded on the 17th of March, 2022 with 10000 and 2000 tokens that were firstly distributed to people who possess the Bored Ape and Mutant Ape NFT respectively. Over the years, Apecoin has received partnerships from popular brands such as Animoca Brands and nWayPlay.

Market Size, Idea Validation, and the future of APECOIN 

Apecoin is a utility token of the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) owned by Yuga Labs, currently valued at a market capitalization of about 2.5 Billion USD. Anyone with Apecoin has unlimited access to a community of Web3 builders known as the Apecoin Decentralized autonomous organization (DAO).The community managers make it possible for Apecoin holders to rule in the community, and in addition, they can purchase products and services, and pay for specific assets used in games like Benji Bananas by Animoca Brands. The project managers of the Apecoin token are known as the APE foundation.

We believe that theirs is still more to come for Web3/NFTs and APECOIN will play a big role in its development as well as adoption. 

Fundamental Analysis 

As stated earlier, Apecoin was launched to power Yuga Labs projects. One billion Apecoin was available when it was created with 62% allotted to the Apecoin ecosystem fund, the Yuga Labs+Charity received 16%, 14% to launch contributors, and 8% to BAYC founders.

The BAYC founders are the four founders of Yuga Labs and BAYC with 8% of the tokens were allocated eighty million tokens with a 12 month lock-up period and 2.22 million tokens to be unlocked every month for thirty six months. According to data from the apecoin.com, the 14% which is equivalent to fourteen million tokens assigned to launch contributors had a varying lockup schedule that varies by contributor but fall into one of the following:

  • 10,000,000 tokens upfront, 25,000,000 after 6 months, 25,000,000 after 12 months, and 25,000,000 after 18 months
  • Initial lock-up for 12 months, then 757,575.76 unlocked per month for 33 months
  •  Initial lock-up for 12 months, then 833,333.33 unlocked per month for 36 months

The 16% set aside for Yuga Labs is equivalent to a hundred and fifty million tokens had an initial lock-up of 12 months, then 4,166,666.67 unlocked per month for 36 months.

Another ten million tokens or the equal value were donated to the Jane Goodall Legacy Foundation with an initial lock-up of 12 months, then 277,777.78 tokens unlocked per month for 36 months.The initial one hundred and fifty million (150,000,000 ) tokens of the allocated BAYC/MAYC was all unlocked for claim at launch, while 470,000,000 tokens to DAO treasury and resources, 117,500,000 unlocked at launch, then 7,343,750 unlocked per month for 48 months.

Apecoin Price Prediction 2022 :

The Apecoin price started with a blast, rising by roughly 588% from the 17 March ’22 opening price. Although the coin went through a three-week correction phase following the 21 March’22 close, it finally rose to its 25 April all-time of $27.8808.The recent price pull-back across the crypto market also dragged the APECOIN price to its lowest correction phase since it launched, and we expect the price to trade lower into the third quarter of 2022 if the APECOIN price closes bearish within the 09 May ’22 high-low range (11.6407 – 4.9999).


The relative strength index (RSI) hovers above level-25 at press time, indicating a bullish outlook for the APECOIN at press time.However, if the RSI dips below the level-25, we estimate the lowest price for the APECOIN in 2022 to be below the launch price, around $3.50, and the highest price projection at $10.516.

Apecoin Price Prediction 2023 

Higher readings of the relative strength index above level-75 are considered a bullish signal for the crypto market, and so, we’ll be looking out for that on the APECOINUSDT chart. We expect the current price correction phase of the APECOINUSDT to extend into the fourth quarter of 2022, after which a crypto spring (RSI exiting level-25) will bring the APECOIN out of the dip in 2023 before extending above level-75 for APECOIN bulls to scale into their long position. The APECOIN is projected to attain a maximum high of $21.00 and $ a minimum low of $5.00 in 2023.

APECOIN Prediction for the Next 5 Years 

APECOIN’s DAO is projected to have seen a surge in adoption and use-case by the end of 2027 with its market cap projected to have gone above the $10.0 Billion mark, way ahead of its current $7.66 Billion ATH.With that in mind, five years from now, the APECOIN price should trade at a maximum price of $58.3776 (Fib-level 1.618) and a minimum price of $32.93423 (Fib-level 1.272) following the high-low range of 14 March ’22.

Coingape Experts Analysis on the future coin of Web3

The major competitor that Apecoin token has in the NFT token market is Axie Infinity Price token (AXS). Although, they are both NFT tokens which are used for gaming by NFT holders in the Metaverse, they have some differences. 

Here are some of the differences between AXS and APECOIN : 

Axie infinity token was launched in 2018 while Apecoin was launched in 2022. Also, as stated earlier, Apecoin has a market capitalization of $2,510,360,96 while that of Axie is $1,312,207,864. 

In addition, Apecoin is known as the most valuable NFT gamecoin while Axie is still trying to recover from the $615 million worth of ETH theft. 

Below are the projected price levels for APECOIN for 2022, 2023, and 2027 : 


Max high  Min low

2022 projection



2023 projection



2027 projection $58.37



Market Predictions for the Token 

To give you more insights into the future price directions and clarity on why we think APECOIN is worth adding to your crypto portfolio, we’ve decided to let you in on what other crypto experts think of APECOIN and their market predictions for 2022 to 2027.These analysts are very optimistic about the future price of APECOIN, read on.

DigitalCoinPrice Prediction

Crypto analysts at DigitalCoinPrice (DCP) predict the ApeCoin price to cross the 11.59USD mark to trade at a minimum price of 10.91USD and a maximum price of 13.08USD by the end of the year.Furthermore, the DCP expects a crossing of 12.53 USD price level in 2023 with a minimum price of 12.23USD and a maximum price of 13.16USD.The market analysts went far into the future to 2030 when the price is projected to reach the 39.87USD mark, valuing the APECOIN at the highest price of 43.00USD.

Wallet Investor Predictions

By applying technical analysis to a broad range of digital assets like APECOIN, our friends at WalletInvestor (WI) foresee a positive outlook for the APECOIN, predicting a 994.75% price increase in the next five years. According to WI, a hundred USD investment in APECOIN at an asking price of $9.113 would amount to $1094.75 by the end of 2027.

CoinArbitrageBot Experts Prediction

Coinarbitragbot’s analysts predict that the APECOIN could reach the $11.7192 price level by the end of 2022, and attain its highest level in 2025 at $75.4629 after breaching the $54.6041 level. APECOIN’s five years minimum price is predicted to not go lower than the $4.90254 mark.


Q: What is Apecoin Price Today? 

APECOIN token trades at $8.567 at press time.


Q: Will Apecoin increase in price? 

Yes, APECOIN will increase in price. The APECOIN token is predicted to see a price surge up to $26.65 in a year, a confirmation that it’s a great investment for you.

Q: What will Apecoin be worth in the next 5 years? 


APECOIN is predicted to be worth $58.37 in 2027.

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