McAfee Intends To Be Both U.S. President And British PM, Greenlights For Another Bull Markets?

By Dare Shonubi
Published July 28, 2019 Updated July 28, 2019
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McAfee Intends To Be Both U.S. President And British PM, Greenlights For Another Bull Markets?

By Dare Shonubi
Published July 28, 2019 Updated July 28, 2019
  • McAfee Gets Jailed Twice In A Week, Then Reveals Intentions To Become British PM and the U.S. President simultaneously
  • 90% of respondents to McAfee’s Presidential ambition polls voted “yes” on Twitter
  • McAfee in talks with Cuban governments to help the nation build a national cryptocurrency
  • When McAfee becomes the American President in 2020 and also gets the seat of the Prime Minister, what more can the crypto society ask for?

John McAfee still remains one of the driving force of the crypto space and his influence hardly goes unnoticed, especially by the governments, who seem to either want the crypto Messiah’s expert opinions or some others having a big problem with his relevance.

The last few weeks have been particularly dramatic for the popular cryptocurrency enthusiast, John McAfee. A couple of weeks back, John was seen in the shores of Cuba where the report had it that he was helping the Cuban government with respect to building a national cryptocurrency.

This was after a series of events relating to either tax evasion or his long-standing murder case in the United States resulted in agencies being in search of the die-hard cryptocurrency fan took place and McAfee had to be on the run to escape possible apprehension.

Freedom Boat Unveiled

Details relating to the meeting with the Cuban government is yet to be made public. While trading places with his Yacht (Freedom boat) alongside his wife, Janice and a few other crew members and heavy weaponry, John released photos from the sea where he claimed, at the time, all members aboard “Freedom boat” were a few metres away from each other to avoid the stench of having not taking a bath in 5 days.

McAfee Detained Without An Arrest

News of an arrest later came in through McAfee’s official Twitter account in which photos were released showing McAfee in a confined space (supposed police cell) where he claimed to have smuggled in phones. Reasons for the arrest, as later stated by McAfee were based on possession of arms which were not directly offensive. One of the tweets that came in later confirmed that McAfee, his wife, Jenice, and his crew were detained without an arrest. His dogs were also put in separate detention.

McAfee Released From Detention

More than 24 hours ago, McAfee declared himself released from detention in the Dominican Republic where he claimed his dogs were still apprehended because John, his wife, and the crew were deported.

John’s “Dinkle” At Stake!

Meanwhile, John has been a die-hard bitcoin fan and believes the digital currency would touch a price of $1 million by the end of 2020, promising to eat up his own dinkle if events turn out differently. By calculation, John’s manhood may not be left unpunished if bitcoin fails to in everyday price by about $2000 every day until the end of 2020.

The Road To Dual Leadership

As all things began to take shape, John stirred up Twitter again as he announced his intentions of becoming the United States President. As this is no more news, the interesting part is also revealing his ambition of becoming the British Prime Minister at the same time. According to John, he is a citizen of both regions and also satisfied the requirements to lead both nations.

To this end, McAfee organized a mini online poll on Twitter and to sample the public’s opinion. Incredibly, about 90% of respondents have voted “Yes” to John’s dual leadership.

On Both Seats, What Happens Next?

Well, to believe John would ever become both the United States President and British Prime Minister simultaneously is ridiculous but at least one position at a time is a possible situation.

A Jonh McAfee as the United States President always spells “Bull” for the crypto markets. This, at least, many Americans would come to appreciate, and which cause, they would gladly rally for.


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