McAfee Back To Shilling Coins, Plans “Teaching Crypto To Zombies”

By Dare Shonubi
Published August 27, 2019 Updated August 27, 2019
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McAfee Back To Shilling Coins, Plans “Teaching Crypto To Zombies”

By Dare Shonubi
Published August 27, 2019 Updated August 27, 2019

Popular Software guru and crypto enthusiast John McAfee has voiced his opinion on Twitter about a certain CZ coin in a manner similar to the way he had promoted (Shilled) at least ten cryptocurrencies in the past, all of which are now popular shitcoins.

McAfee’s New Adventure- “Teaching Crypto to Zombies”

McAfee took to his Twitter handle to publicly announce his support for the rather strange project and its cryptocurrency and to inform the community of both the available developments and the advantages that exist.

The project in question is simply called CZ coin which is being developed by an individual or by a group of people existing as South China Zombie Research Center, whom McAfee himself referred to as ” China Zombie people.”

Following the lead of China Zombie Research Center, zombies might eventually find their way to applying the blockchain technology for reason not entirely clear after learning how to use cryptocurrencies through their zombie retraining program. The CZ coin project, which has been tweeting heavily on the human-zombie economic relationship and the chemo-control measures necessary for zombies to coexist with humans, has received less following and has less than 2k active followers on Twitter, which of course, might be one reason why McAfee has appeared aboard.

While it is not incorrect to conclude that McAfee was paid for his promotional tweet about CZ coin, he also revealed that he was doing a job he got paid for and that investors who buy in about $50 on CZ coin “will not be eaten.”

McAfee’s History of Coin Shilling

While this news of crypto zombie might sound entirely a joke to many, there’s something worthy of note to investors- McAfee’s historical coin shilling. In a 2018 post which focused on the many misleading pumps and dump coin shillings performed by McAfee, he was said to have promoted at least 10 coins which in turn got the heavy following from crypto investors who had a great belief in John McAfee’s calls.

A table showing the list of shitcoins McAfee promoted and all are seen trading at massive losses to investors.

At the time, McAfee was said to charge 25 BTC or $105,000 per promotion which featured electronium, Tron, Stellar and others. Unfortunately, all the above-named cryptocurrencies are now trading at more than minus 80% of their prices at the time the calls were made. Some even 90%+.

What do you think, is it just another way of McAfee to shill new projects??


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