Metallika Inc. Revolutionizes The $1800Bn Mining Sector, Opening Doors For Global Participants

By Stan Peterson
May 12, 2022 Updated May 12, 2022
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Blockchain-powered mining business Metallika.Inc tokenizes the services of natural resource mining. Recently, the company revealed that it would be incorporating blockchain technology into its existing mining activities. However, there are a lot of phases and a lot of data involved in mining. Therefore, Metallika created its own utility coin in order to make its mining initiatives accessible to investors of all sizes.

While only a small number of mining businesses have adopted private blockchain solutions, 90% of those in the field do not have access to public blockchains. Therefore, mining firms that use Metallika DAO will substantially gain in a highly dynamic and turbulent sector.

In order to function independently on the blockchain, the Metallika team built a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). The smart contract’s rules are strictly followed. All DAO members have access to a secure digital ledger built using distributed database technology and secure time stamps, ensuring rightful ownership for all the DAO participants.

The cloud services provided by DAO Metallika are the company’s core offering. Using the cloud services, participants in the mining cycle have dependable and transparent access to one another and to the core info of the mining process. At each step of the process, the players can build alliances and secure funding. Furthermore, access to IPFS-stored documents and management of document approval procedures by all DAO members is possible. Notably, participants can issue digital commodity tokens backed by proven mineral resources.

Mining initiatives in Africa and India that are close to the production stage will assist speed up the adoption of the DAO for mining, along with high-revenue potential projects that can support the DAO development cycle.

50% of the tokens are on the Ethereum Smart Chain, while the remaining half are on Binance Smart Chain. Decentralized exchanges will be able to buy and sell tokens, which are now running a private sale for investors. In the following months, it plans to list them on major centralized exchanges like Kucoin,  FTX and Binance.

The data on mineral resources will be available to companies and investors that possess the Metallika token. With their tokens as collateral, investors may take an active role in the resource’s discovery and exploitation.

Due to the strict policy by Metallika DAO, mining businesses will be held accountable for following legislation and upholding ethical standards. Before the end of the year, Metallika DAO plans to bring on a considerable number of mining firms interested in using its DAO in addition to bringing its already existing mineral mining on board.

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