Metaverse Marketing: A New Way To Reach An Audience

By Stan Peterson
April 4, 2022 Updated April 8, 2022
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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard the term metaverse by now. Movies like Matrix or Read Player One may have been just high-quality sci-fi until recently, but not anymore. Metaverse offers a new way for people to connect, communicate, and share information with each other.

Metaverses are already popping up and are yet to become dominant on the web, offering a new level of immersion and entertainment.

Whenever there’s a new way to entertain people and grab their attention, there’s a way for marketers to use their technology and creativity and ensure the maximum effectiveness of their campaigns.

Metaverse Marketing Isn’t Something You’ll Meet for the First Time

In the broadest sense, a metaverse is a shared virtual space that individuals can access using VR goggles or other devices, depending on the metaverse in question. The metaverse concept was available long before the word was invented — inside massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs), with the most popular example being World of Warcraft.

Many companies are already exploring gaming in the metaverse. One of them is Bullieverse, which offers a play-to-earn system for games within a single metaverse. Bulliverse allows players to join communities, create their games, and even monetize them using various pay-to-earn elements. In other words, it’s a tool for helping players earn through gaming, which is another aspect of the current rapid expansion of the metaverse.

But where does marketing come in? Well, imagine an in-game world populated by our avatars. Just like in the real world, there will be elements of advertising. The most common example is a billboard. For example, if you’re driving a car in a metaverse, you’ll pass big billboards where advertising companies can ensure you see the marketed products and services.

One company even specializes in this non-intrusive in-game type of metaverse marketing — Admix. It’s a pioneer for creative and reliable alternatives to traditional digital advertising.

End to Intrusive Marketing Techniques?

You’ll admit it — one of the most annoying things is that you cannot skip ads to watch your favorite YouTube video. This type of marketing works, but it will become even more annoying in the metaverse. Will it completely stop your metaverse experience so that you can watch an ad? It seems a bit Black Mirroresque, you’ll agree. Therefore, marketers will have to use their creativity to continue with the ads, but they’ll have a wide array of options to explore, including:

  • In-game quests that promote products
  • In-metaverse giveaways of digital goods (NFTs, for example)
  • In-metaverse community building techniques
  • In-metaverse interactive webinars (will those be called metanars?)

These are just some examples, but we’ll see what the marketing wizards will come up with in the future.

Final Thoughts

Metaverse opens a lot of new opportunities for everyone. Even if you’re just a technology enthusiast, you’ll see an entire world unfold before you — a world that seemed possible only on the big screen. Gamers are already accustomed to shared digital spaces, except that they’ll also experience the next level of it. We now have technologies that make it possible to actually be in the digital world, use digital goods, trade, and experience it all via VR and AR equipment.

Marketers are already exploring and testing possibilities of the metaverse, which will completely reshape the way we perceive digital marketing and advertising. 

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