MobileGo (MGO) joins GDA Ventures business incubator

Guest Author Press Release published September 8, 2020 | modified September 8, 2020

MobileGo (MGO) joins GDA Ventures business incubator

Full-suite business incubation studio GDA Ventures has landed its first client – blockchain gaming platform MobileGo (MGO). Launched in 2016, the MobileGo project  focuses on gaming and has had partnerships with Unity and Xsolla, the industry’s top game engine and one of the most utilized payment processing providers. 

After initial success and building a strong community, MGO felt the effects of the 2018 cryptocurrency market crash and the subsequent townturn. With the crypto market rising again, MobileGo has engaged GDA Ventures to restructure and revive the MGO project.

“This is a huge step forward that will continue to bring innovation and originality to the blockchain gaming ecosystem; benefiting developers, gamers and everyone in between. We are very excited to work with GDA Ventures as their experience with venture incubation and development will help take MGO to the original heights set out in 2016, becoming an industry pioneer that bridges the gap between gaming and blockchain,” the MobileGo team announced in a statement.  

MGO was one of the first companies to recognize that peer-to-peer gaming and unique asset ownership within the video games industry have a great symbiotic value. Due to this visionary tactic, the MGO token peaked at over $200M market cap at one point.  

GDA Ventures sees the potential for digital assets to change the gaming industry.  And with the first mover advantage of MGO and its solid community of users and followers, it seems as a great fit. In addition to gaming, MobileGo has potential to expand to the e-sports and metaverse gaming markets.  GDA Ventures feels that both are underserved by existing digital assets. 

MGO is built on the Ethereum blockchain, and with its ERC-20 token protocol it offers a fungible and easily transferable token for gamers. On top of the powerful digital asset architecture and functionality built into the MGO digital asset, MobileGo has built several unique technology products that benefit gamers, which include MGO Tournaments to host peer-to-peer tournaments for gamers and their friends, MGO API for developers to easily set up secure payment infrastructure, MGO Metamask Gateway to buy games and make in-app purchases through metamask, MGO Payments Gateway, and MGO Store.

GDA Ventures said that now, with the restructuring taking place, “the MGO co-founders will withdraw their involvement from the project and will instead be working with GDA Ventures to install a new leadership team so the project can achieve the original goals set out in 2016.” 

GDA Ventures is a full-suite venture incubation studio specializing in emerging and disruptive technology. GDA Ventures supports disruptive technology startups, helping them launch, scale globally, and solve their industry’s greatest challenges through emerging technology. 

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