Monero [XMR] Records 5% Higher With Tor Project Preferred Donation in XMR

By Tabassum
Published March 20, 2019 Updated March 20, 2019
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Monero [XMR] Records 5% Higher With Tor Project Preferred Donation in XMR

By Tabassum
Published March 20, 2019 Updated March 20, 2019

Monero is on a quick race to record new volume – at the moment, Monero or XMR token surged 5% higher within 24 hours. The increasing volume can directly connect to its latest adoption by a non-profit organization called Tor Project.

Monero (XMR) Available for Donation


As per the reports, XMR cryptocurrency is added to the Tor project to accept the donation in the form of XMR token. Being a non-profit organization, the Tor project develops technologies for open-source privacy and anonymity. Per the reports, the project is already supporting other cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), ZCash (ZEC), Augur (REP), Dash (DASH), Stellar Lumens (XLM), Litecoin (LTC). Upon XMR listing, the Tor project now supports nine cryptocurrencies in total.

Since XMR is famously known as privacy coin, its demand across the industry that requires discretion is booming. As such a redditor stated that;

“If you are going to donate to privacy oriented projects then you should do it with Monero unless you want to end up on yet another list.”

Reports further shared Tor Project’s insights of leaving Bitpay, a crypto payment platform and launching their own private wallets. Parting from Bitpay for its donation process, the firm is reportedly reviewing lightning network as well.

XMR Records 5% Gain

Following the move, XMR has quickly jumped to $56 value against the US dollar and sits comfortably on the 13th spot. Consequently, it holds a gain of 5.03% within a couple of hours and enjoys the average market cap of $949,582,938.


Founded in the year 2014, Monero is often considered as a privacy-centric project. In similar regards, Weiss rating’s recent poll revealed Monero is the preferred privacy coin in comparison to Zcash and Dash. On March 18, Weiss ratings’ poll result revealed Monero grabbed first preference as privacy coin with 54% votes, Zcash with 27% and Dash with 19%.

So-called, PrivacyCoin is hugely used among confidential transactions – subsequently, Monero’s increased awareness can be spotted in the Porn industry as a means of payment. This is due to the fact that privacy Coin’s transactions cannot be traced and as a result of increased demand, many porn websites have started accepting XMR as a payment to many subscribers on their sites.

What do you think about XMR’s increasing adoption? share your thoughts with us.

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