NEO Targeting dApp And Blockchain Games Development By Offering Incentives to Developers

By Nivesh Rustgi
Published February 1, 2019 Updated March 4, 2019
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NEO Targeting dApp And Blockchain Games Development By Offering Incentives to Developers

By Nivesh Rustgi
Published February 1, 2019 Updated March 4, 2019

NEO is planning for a vast developer attendance at its upcoming DevCon, scheduled from 16-17 February in Seattle. The blockchain platform and cryptocurrency provider is looking for ongoing developer review and participation for the development of the NEO ecosystem.

Why NEO is Still The Project To Look Out For?


NEO is a non-profit community-based blockchain project that is designed to build a platform for decentralized applications. During 2017, altcoin season NEO was one of the biggest gainers with almost 15000% gain recorded in a year. The All-Time High price of NEO reached $150, which like most other cryptocurrencies have lost its ATH value and is greatly affected by the bear market, currently trading at $7.

However, the Chinese cryptocurrency Giant which was seen as a potential ‘Ethereum of China’ with more advanced features and characteristics have continued their development. The USP of NEO lies with the fact that developers do not need to learn a new programming language. They can use C programming languages, Java and other mainstream programming languages in their familiar IDE environments for smart contract development, debugging and compilation.

NEO Offers Free Ticket of DevCon to Eligible Developers 


According to an announcement on the company website, the new NEO 3.0 update is “ready for large-scale commercial applications”. Erik Zhang, founder and core developer of NEO, has offered free tickets of NEO DevCon in Seattle from Feb 16-17 to developers. The developers have to follow these instructions, and after completion of a few basic tasks, they will be eligible to avail their free tickets.

The primary focus area of NEO at the DevCon is going to be the development of Blockchain games and their core product, i.e. Decentralized Apps. After the 2017 bubble and 2018 bear fiasco, majority of foundations and developing teams are looking at to expand their marketing budget and lead innovation to revive the trust and price of their respective cryptocurrencies.

Bitfinex, the largest Bitcoin Exchange in 2017 was one of the first exchange sites to show support for NEO. NEO is listed on numerous exchanges and has a huge development community which is expected to grow with the coming update and programs.

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