NFT STARS Marks a Digital Art Renaissance With The Upcoming IDO

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The NFT market is flooded with plagiary tokens, which inevitably leads to the loss of digital art value. To address the pain points of NFT marketing and allow the community to access the worthiest tokens, the multi-chain platform NFT STARS is introducing revolutionary new features and perks for its users. With the focus put on quality, not quantity, NFT STARS supports talented artists and makes token trading more efficient and fair. The platform release and IDO are coming soon to refine global NFT marketing. 

What is NFT STARS?

NFT STARS is not your average NFT marketplace – the project is more than just a chaotic bunch of tokens. While thousands of users are striving to earn from the ongoing NFT craze by chasing hype, NFT STARS is a multi-chain platform that helps artists monetize their creations without facing endless bottlenecks, such as minting fees or buyers’ mistrust. Investors, in their turn, want to make sure they buy authentic works of true value – ones that will grow in price and bring profits down the road. 


NFT STARS’ mission is to help artists and connoisseurs find each other. It provides incredibly attractive features and conditions for both Standard and Premium account users that are unparalleled in any project of this caliber.

Anyone can see the difference between a Rembrandt and a poster, can’t they? But when it comes to NFTs, people lack the knowledge and basic expertise to distinguish worthy pieces of art from stolen pictures. NFT STARS is here to change that! We aim to support talented artists who will pave the way to a future of true digital art. We will only offer quality-made NFTs!” – said  Bogdan Khomenko, CEO of NFT STARS. 

Features & Tools

Here comes the most intriguing part. NFT Stars offers innovative features that refine the NFT trading experience and help artists deal with a bunch of issues. 

  • Augmented Reality (AR) Gallery. With NFT STARS, users will be able to visit the digital gallery through their smartphone. All the exhibited pieces of art are for sale! Artists will be able to create and customize virtual gallery rooms to exhibit and sell their own NFTs. 
  • NFT Pricing Scanner. What’s a good price for an NFT? From now on, users won’t have to play guessing games – the NFT scanner tool will analyze similar tokens on other platforms and come up with an average price suggestion. This way, both sellers and buyers will know that the price of an NFT is fair.
  • Gas-free Minting. Artists don’t have to pay for token emission. All they do is create an NFT on the platform and when a buyer appears, the buyer covers the minting expense. This applies to ALL supported blockchains. Alternatively, NFT STARS offers collective minting. When collaborating on an NFT, the creators can tie their wallets and the profits will be automatically divided across their separate addresses. 
  • White Label. This solution deals with exclusive brands, allowing them to sell their own NFTs while also solving the issue of authorship rights. The front-end will be customized for each client, allowing them to advance their brands and experiment in the new niche. 
  • Fractional Trading. Valuable NFTs might be too expensive and too rare to afford. Fractional trading enables users to purchase part of a token, which is a great way to diversify one’s portfolio without compromising its quality. 

To top it off, NFT STARS users can participate in voting and enjoy Premium account features that NFTS token ownership entitles them to, which will be present in the upcoming IDO.

Initial DEX Offering

To fuel development of the platform and incentivize startup supporters, the NFT STARS team is launching its Initial DEX Offering on BSCPad and Cyberfi Samurai. Funding will be organized in two rounds with buyers being able to sell part of their share right after the end of the IDO

Combining utility and governance functionality, NFTS token will unlock Premium account features and give holders access to extra perks and services. Besides all this, holders will have an advantage when participating in the Initial NFT Offering. NFTS helps users unleash the whole potential of the platform and enjoy flawless NFT trading. 

Bottom Line

The NFT industry is in its budding stage, so it has a few flaws hindering opportunities to create and buy worthy tokens. NFT STARS is designed to address issues of NFT authenticity, minting fees and price evaluation. It lifts a huge weight off artists’ shoulders by allowing them to focus on creation. With NFTS powering all this goodness, the coin itself presents a tangible value, so it should definitely be on investors’ radar.  

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Achal is an entrepreneur and a product designer with a bachelors degree in Computer Science. He works in the Web3 domain and manages new developments at Coingape. Follow him on Twitter at @arya_achal or reach him at achal[at]
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