Node Runners launch NFT staking, now you can earn yield from NFT

By Guest Author
Published January 14, 2021 Updated January 14, 2021
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Node Runners launch NFT staking, now you can earn yield from NFT

By Guest Author
Published January 14, 2021 Updated January 14, 2021

Node Runners was born as a natural consequence of merging the best of both the NFT and DeFi niches to create a collectible card game inspired by the most anticipated game of the decade: Cyberpunk 2077.


By acting as a bridge between NFTs and DeFi interactively, the company has gamified yield farming using the Ethereum network and a partnership with Matic Network, which was announced back in December of 2020.

This partnership aimed to bring gasless experience by using Matic Network’s layer 2 scaling solutions, as well as to benefit from the expertise as members of the Blockchain Game Alliance, an organization Node Runners joined later that month.

According to Coingecko’s data, NFT market capitalization has reached an all-time high of over $550 million to date, way above most projections. However, this is certainly not a surprise, taking into consideration the experimentation that took place by integrating NFTs and Decentralized Finance.

Another industry, which experienced incredible growth this year was the gaming industry, which saw unprecedented growth as a result of the measures taken by governments and citizens around the globe as a response to the COVID 19 pandemic.

2020 was a great year for the entirety of the blockchain ecosystem but especially for Decentralized Finance and NFT collectibles. The success of these 2 niches last year has now set the stage for a new year of innovation resulting from increasingly solid infrastructure, user interest, and profit generation.

In addition to these partnerships, Node Runners also has caught the attention of some of the game’s heroes such as Hayden Adams and Stani Kulechov. The company has already shared their cards with them so they can join the fight against the corporate villains.

With Node Runners, a unique concept of NFT staking has taken form. By staking NFTs players can earn NDR governance tokens, an essential part of Node Runner’s DAO. Company is collaborating with other NFT projects to allow the staking of more NFTs.

Now, Node Runners is building on the success of the original NFT staking and launching NFT Staking V2 through our updated NFT staking contract. This upgrade will result in lower gas fees and the ability to stake badges and NFTs from partner projects.

How Does NFT Staking Work?

Each NFT is assigned strength points that determine the share of the pool. Once it is staked, players can claim NDR tokens just like in other yield farming projects and participate in the governance of the game.

How Can One Obtain Node Runners NFTs?

NFTs can be farmed by providing liquidity to NDR or bought using Ether (ETH). When a card is bought using ETH, 90% of its values are used to buyback NDR from the market, adding liquidity to the pool with a permanent lock. 

The system promises to open up new ways for NFT holders to earn rewards, and will add functionality to an already robust network. 







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