Mati Greenspan Calls for a YouTube Boycott as it Slashes Crypto and Blockchain Content

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Mati Greenspan Calls for a YouTube Boycott as it Slashes Crypto and Blockchain Content

YouTube is restricting the cryptocurrency and blockchain content on its website; many creators are getting affected by the update. The new update has the bot flagging and removing videos from youtube citing reasons like “harmful or dangerous content” and “sale of regulated goods.”

An avid crypto enthusiast lists 17 video bloggers who have had their content removed from their channel, he tweeted,

Here is my self-maintained lost of crypto YouTubers getting hit with warnings/strikes. Is this list missing anyone?

The adverse news for the industry surfaces as YouTube censors even Blockchain related videos on the website as well. According to sources, their content is getting slashed on the network.

Boxmining, a popular YouTuber tweeted this morning,

For me, Youtube has chosen to target ALL my videos from Jan 2018 today – regardless of topic covered. Likely they chose to censor crypto words in their algorithm. He added,

Funny thing is that many of these videos were from the “Blockchain Revolution” crypto conference featuring Don Tapscott, @cz_binance and Seoul government officials.

Moreover, he also temporarily suspended public access to his videos to safeguard his channel on YouTube.

In a conversation with the another owner of a popular crypto channel, CryptoBeadles, he looks to move to other platforms. He notes that,

I think over 59 videos removed

Crypto Boycott YouTube!

In a response to the firm’s crackdown, leading leading Financial and crypto analyst, Mati Greenspan, has proposed that crypto enthusiast boycott YouTube. He tweeted,

In protest of @Google‘s new unexpected and unexplained censorship of #crypto content I will be boycotting @YouTube until further notice.

It is a bold step, not because he won’t be able to watch its’ content, but as a fire that could spread across the industry. YouTube is the leading platform for video creators, the website stands as a benchmark in the number of views for all contributors.

Moreover, there are other platforms and social media websites that could be used directly to spread one’s content.

Nevertheless, as it stands now, the YouTubers are highly disturbed by the move. In all likelihood, it will affect the overall ratings and earnings of crypto related channels.

Will you join the BoyCott YouTube movements? Please share your views with us. 

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