OKEx Adds Tron to C2C Market for High Volume Traders

By Nivesh Rustgi
Published March 7, 2019 Updated March 15, 2019
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OKEx Adds Tron to C2C Market for High Volume Traders

By Nivesh Rustgi
Published March 7, 2019 Updated March 15, 2019

World’s second largest exchange by daily volume, OKEx has launched support for TRX on its C2C or peer-to-peer Market.

The US OKEx sees over a daily volume of almost $750 million. The C2C platform on OKEx is provided to facilitate the high-volume investors. The trade orders on the C2C platform can be hedged against the market volatility by pre-determining the prices. This is essential for high volume trades where minuscule percentage fluctuations may lead to considerable value loss.

“In view of Tron’s recent development, we’re very confident that the project’s ambitious movements will significantly help building a better blockchain ecosystem. We’re thrilled to have Tron on our C2C market, especially after seeing the consistently good performance of the token in our spot and derivatives markets,” says Andy Cheung, Head of Operations of OKEx.

Free Air Drops and Rewards for Early Birds

Offers for Trading TRX on OKEx C2C platform

The OKEx platform has announced a promotion period of 7 days where according to the trading activities of the users on the new platform rewards will be rolled out. The promotion period began along with the launch on 7th March at 3: 00 UTC and will end on 14th March 3: 00 UTC.

The OKEx platform has announced lucrative rewards for trading TRX on its C2C platform. An early deposit of at least 1000 TRX, i.e. almost $23 would earn an award of around $1.5 or 75 TRX tokens.

The most exciting rewards are announced for high volume TRX traders who stand a chance to earn $280 worth TRX tokens if they rank amongst the top 8,888 users by trading volume.



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