OKEX’s Expansion Spree To Alter The Indian Crypto Trading Landscape

By Supriya Saxena
Published October 26, 2019 Updated October 26, 2019
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OKEX’s Expansion Spree To Alter The Indian Crypto Trading Landscape

By Supriya Saxena
Published October 26, 2019 Updated October 26, 2019

OKEx, the world-leading digital asset exchange is on an expansion spree. The exchange is earnestly establishing partnerships with firms and other exchanges to bring the best of trading experiences for traders. Not only the coveted exchange has established partnerships with exchanges, but it has also entered into partnerships with at least 3 blockchain firms. Recently, the firm established a strategic partnership with BitBns, India’s leading exchange to bring the global brand experience of secureness and reliability to Indian crypto traders.

Will BitBns OKEX partnership help Indian Crypto Traders?


Interestingly, the partnership of BitBns and OKEx comes right during the uncertain crypto scenario in India. However, the benefits of the partnership far outweigh the cons. Not only will it restore the lost faith in the Indian crypto community but also provide Indian crypto traders with an unparalleled global crypto trading experience and resources. The strategic partnership will help in enriching the investment choice of users. 

“This announcement with India’s largest exchange, BitBns is the first solid step in our journey to build on our vision to serve the Indian crypto community. OKEx has been very dedicated to supporting blockchain development around the globe and we respect regulation in all the countries. To cultivate the blockchain ecosystem, we are always happy and open to share our experience and insight with the local regulator in order to prompt the regulatory environment.”

said an OKEx official 

The partnership has been strategically established to leverage the prowess of two leading exchanges and lift the spirits of the Indian crypto community. It will help in extending BitBns capabilities and increase its liquidity and helping it make a mark in the global crypto landscape.

Also, it will help the Indian crypto projects listed on OKEX gain global attention and also accelerate blockchain entrepreneurship in the sub-continent. Furthermore, it will help bring eminent global projects to the Indian crypto space as OKEx has a strong belief that the circulation of a larger number of equitable currencies will boost the emerging Indian economy. Lastly, it will help Indian blockchain projects diversify their scope and provide technical expertise to small/medium businesses (SMB) and decentralized enterprise sites.

OKEX Kakao Corporation Synergy To Accelerate Mass Adoption of Blockchain

Recently, OKEX  joined hands with Klaytn, a global public blockchain project backed by Kakao Corporation with an aim to build a stable blockchain ecosystem. The partnership will further help OKEx to connect with other blockchain networks and portfolios and thus contribute to ongoing blockchain adoption around the globe. 

“We are excited to participate in this new initiative by Klaytn. We have a strong faith to the team and the blockchain technology developed upon solid reliability and significant stability. Exchanges and projects itself should work together to define and adopt standards that will promote digital asset adoption globally. At OKEx, we are always keen to work with market players in expanding the market and bring in quality projects in accordance with market needs, and I believe this indicates a good start.”

said Andy Cheung, Head of Operations of OKEx.

“We are delighted to welcome the global top exchange OKEx to join Klaytn,” said Chase Choi, the Head of Business at Ground X. He added, “As Asia’s no. 1 blockchain platform, we will further solidify and expand our ecosystem together with OKEx.”

Security Is Prime for OKEx

In a recent development, OKEx has partnered with few blockchain firms, three among which are security centered establishments. Among the names already mentioned by Jay Hao are, Slowmist, Beosin, and Certik.


Slowmist is a blockchain establishment with a prime focus on cybersecurity. The former entered into a partnership with OKEx and launched a “Security Vulnerability and Threat Intelligence Bounty Program.” While Beosin is also a blockchain security firm and provides security services up to over 1,000 blockchain projects. Interestingly, the firm has partnered with Certik which has created the world’s first hacker-resistant system. 

Not only these partnerships have helped in catalyzing the mass adoption of crypto it has also helped in boosting OKB token’s price when compared to other exchange’s native tokens. 


OKEx’s expansion efforts are all set to revolutionize the crypto and blockchain arena. It will be interesting to note how the communities will be at larger benefits with the implementation of the same. 

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