One Piece – A New Blockchain Game Inspired By The Globally-Famous Manga And Japanese TV Series Is Here

By Stan Peterson
April 12, 2022 Updated April 12, 2022

Eichiro Oda’s phenomenal Manga and Japanese TV Series “One Piece” have readership and fan-following in around 58 countries of the world respectively. The unique pirate-themed adventure story is also awaiting a Netflix live adaptation soon. Finally, this extremely famous show has come to crypto enthusiasts’ reach via a new and unique blockchain platform called One Piece.

Outline of the Project:

It will be a captivating blockchain game available for users as a play-to-earn idle game inspired by the Japanese series of the same name. It will also feature 1:1 rare non-fungible tokens in its model. Players of One Piece will experience an engaging pirate world simulation game where they can collect NFTs and also fight with monsters to win rewards. Several characters, players, monsters, and upgraded items will be available for players as they make progress in the game. The four main facets of the One Piece game will be as follows:

  • Treasure Island: All players will have to find a fun and rewarding treasure island within the game.
  • Marketplace: The NFT marketplace would be dedicated to exchanging all of the in-game items.
  • Monster Hunt: In the monster hunt, players will have to fight against monsters and complete missions to get rewards.
  • Pirate Ship: A pirate ship is where you get special and highly valuable NFTs.

One Piece Token (OPT):

The model of One Piece is supported by One Piece Token or OPT. The total supply of One Piece Token is kept at 100 million. The reward pool contains 55% while their team has kept aside 20% of the total $OPT for presale. The founding team is entitled to 15% but for marketing and the upcoming PancakeSwap, only 5% has been allotted.

Exclusive features:

  • Within the One Piece structure, ownership has been renounced. What this means is that this particular project does not support tax manipulation or any other methods of making it.
  • During the process of purchase and selling, there is no tax charge.
  • The minting code for One Piece Token has been removed from the contract.
  • Liquidity for One Piece Token will be locked for 180 days.

What’s on the Map for One Piece?                                              

During Q2, the One Piece team has completed their contract audit by Audit Rate Tech while its Testnet game and PancakeSwap listing is yet to happen. After that the mainnet launch, staking, and an update for the project’s in-game marketplace will take place according to their roadmap.

In the 3rd quarter, One Piece community events and the release of version 2 of the game will create hype within the industry. Listing on a renowned crypto exchange (, updates for the pirate ship and Items features are also planned for this particular phase.  As of now, One Piece will be available on the PinkSale launchpad during its public presale scheduled for April 14th. On the same day, OPT will also be listed on PancakeSwap.

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