PR: ORBISE Enters New Markets with CoinDeal Listing

By Guest Author
Published August 30, 2018 Updated August 30, 2018
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PR: ORBISE Enters New Markets with CoinDeal Listing

By Guest Author
Published August 30, 2018 Updated August 30, 2018

OU ORBISE Corp. (“ORBISE”) celebrates its first milestone on the way to reinventing the global cryptocurrency financial system by listing the ORBT token on the CoinDeal exchange platform.

ORBISE aims to disrupt the financial services market through its innovative blockchain solution and token.

The next generation banking ecosystem empowers consumers to seamlessly transition common financial services such as deposits, lending, payments and investments to the cryptocurrency-based products that ORBISE offers.

ORBISE operates its own token – ORBT, an ERC_20 token. The purchase of the token gives the customer access to a predefined basket of the top 10 liquid cryptocurrencies: ETH, XRP, BTC, LTC, ADA, BCH, QTUM, ETC, EOS, and TRX.

ORBT key advantage is the diversification that it offers, which minimizes its overall underperformance risk.

Empowered by fast transaction execution, security features, and high-performance algorithms, the token is now listed on the CoinDeal exchange platform, offering ORBT/BTC and ORBT/ETH trading pairs.

Oded Shoshany, CEO of ORBISE, stated:

“We are very excited to announce the first exchange listing of our ORBT token. Today, we celebrate the first milestone on our journey to develop a global financial cryptocurrency services ecosystem which offers a comprehensive set of financial instruments aimed at driving mass adoption of blockchain-powered banking.”

Following the successful listing on CoinBase, the team is focused on securing a listing on CoinMarketCap, the most popular platform for tracking capitalization of cryptocurrencies.


ORBISE is a member of the Management Financial Group (“MFG”), a leading European non-banking financial institution, the company leverages some of the most experienced professionals in the industry to achieve its goal.

Operating across five European markets, MFG offers a portfolio of consumer and B2B lending, peer-to-peer lending, home collected loans, car financing, collateralized loans and credit cards. MFG has more than 330,000 customers and has granted over 1.5 million loans to date.

Within the comprehensive portfolio of blockchain-powered financial services, the ORBT token comes as a result of the strong leadership by MFG’s renowned serial entrepreneurs and a team of 6,500 employees, experts in the financial, e-commerce and technology industries.


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