Peeps: the Web3 social platform that will reshape the creator economy

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Peeps is an upcoming decentralized social content platform that rewards both the Creators and the Fans. Peeps makes it possible for Fans to get rewarded by staking on Creators’ content. Through a social-proof mechanism, Fans are empowering Creators to increase revenue and earn together.

This innovation was brought to answer what people have been craving for: earning for following their favourite celebrities, which has never been made possible before, and this mechanism makes earning almost natural. But this is only one of many ways in which Peeps is going to revolutionize the Creators’ Economy.

Following the closing of a pre-seed round, Peeps has recently teamed up with Polygon for a successful start.

Reshaping the Creators’ Economy in a fair way

Peeps is remodelling the unfair old ways of the Creators’ Economy with the help of Polygon. It aims straight at the inefficiencies of the market, currently ruled by centralized corporations.

These content platforms are making huge profits out of the creators’ revenue, imposing censorship and arbitrary rules, hence the need for a community-owned solution aiming to benefit all the participants.

Peeps is developing a unique solution in the creators economy, to resolve the current problems in the industry where only the top influencers and the corporations are reaping benefits. 

By building a decentralized, permissionless, trustless and community-owned environment, Peeps is going to be a must-use social content platform for all content creators and users. Anyone can become a trend making creator with Peeps – no boundaries, only opportunities.

Features of tomorrow’s social platform

One of Peeps’ core values is that the Creators and their Community should be the ones becoming influential, known, admired and wealthy. Not the big centralized platforms.

This is why Peeps is built in such a way that it doesn’t take any commission from the creators’ money. When someone purchases access to their contents, its community receives a share of the revenue through a feature called “NameStaking”. By staking on the “name” of a creator, the users are endorsing them. As a reward, they get their share of the creator’s success.

Peeps will also be a springboard to the Metaverse and the NFT market. Every content on the platform can be minted as a NFT, giving access to lifetime earnings. As a Web3 platform, no need to disclose any private info like your identity, email or phone number.

Better yet, the platform will help its users to set a bridge between the digital identity of a person in the social media world and the metaverse. With just a single click, all the Peeps content can be pushed onto any metaverse via an API. 

Don’t miss out Peeps’ upcoming development!

Peeps has successfully built an international team of not just experienced individuals but also reliable professionals, working tirelessly towards the success of the platform. 

Peeps is now mentored by Polygon. The beginning of this partnership has been celebrated with a grant. For Peeps’ dev team, building on Polygon allows them to build with maximum security and scalability. 

Peeps’ Prototype will soon be available for early investors and adopters. Early adopters will get rewarded in a very special way. Apart from getting a higher profit return on their investment & enjoying crazy airdrops, they will enjoy some exclusive perks. The waitlist is already opened and can be joined through the Peeps website

Peeps was founded in the second half of 2021. Peeps makes it possible for content creators and their fans to earn by using the social content platform with its unique features. You’re highly invited to learn more about this exciting project and join the waitlist here.

The Peeps team is waiting its early adopters on the official Peeps Discord Server: 

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