Apart from Bitcoin, Peter Schiff Also Owns ETH and BCH – Has He Turned Pro Crypto?

Published July 6, 2019 | Updated July 6, 2019

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Apart from Bitcoin, Peter Schiff Also Owns ETH and BCH – Has He Turned Pro Crypto?

The crypto-twitter community seldom lets anything slide by its radar. Any new supported is overwhelmingly praised and retweeted with delight. Furthermore, critics of Bitcoin or cryptocurrency from Financial Services or Economics background are strongly bashed as well.

When Joe Kerner, Financial reporter for Squawk box advocated support for Bitcoin, he said he was raised to ‘god-like’ standards on Twitter.

Recently, Gold bug and Bitcoin basher, Peter Schiff again made the news when it was revealed that he actually does own Bitcoins. Since Peter Schiff is an absolute ‘no-coiner’, this comes a huge opportunity for Crypto bugs to jump the ship. Anthony Pompliano, the co-founder of Morgan Creek Digital and popular crypto figure first tweeted,

The vocal Bitcoin hater PeterSchiff recently admitted that he actually does own some Bitcoin. Never listen to what they say, always watch what they do with their money!

Peter Schiff did not deny the fact, he admitted to owning about $100 Bitcoin which he received as a Gift. Moreover, he said he also owns small amounts of Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash [BCH].

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However, he is still a Bitcoin critic and continues to go against it. He tweeted in one of his other replies.

I’m not buying bitcoin out of ignorance, but out of understanding. You are just in denial. You will likely remain ignorant until the Bitcoin market completely crashes, and your delusions of wealth vanish with it.

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While that would generally be the end of it, Anthony Pompliano took it one step further and then crypto-twitter rained on it. ‘Pomp’ asked Schiff for his address so that he could send another $100 worth Bitcoins in it.

Peters Schiffs’ Bitcoin Adress: 1LZpj4zkgcGzGb9EuLLbwby1BPT3c1uRTy

Ever since Schiff posted his Bitcoin address, he has received Bitcoins from than 50 random people. His current Bitcoins (0.176 BTC) amounts to around $1900. Nevertheless, Peter has decided to ‘hodl’ these Bitcoins and “go down with the ship.”

What do you think will be the value of his holdings by the end of 2019? Please share your views with us. 

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