Petition “Stop Bitcoin from Dumping Lower” to SEC & Federal Reserve Emerges Amid Bitcoin Crashes

Anjali Tyagi Bitcoin November 28, 2018

SEC rules
SEC rules

Petition “Stop Bitcoin from Dumping Lower” to SEC & Federal Reserve Emerges Amid Bitcoin Crashes

The crash of Bitcoin to $4k and wipe out of $700 billion from the crypto market has led a crypto enthusiast and trader to start a petition titled “Stop Bitcoin from dumping lower”, on that has received 200+ supporters.

Crypto Community Asking for Help!

Well, looks like the crypto community is up for any help they can get. Things have taken quite a quirky turn as Mansa_Godson, an Altcoin OG trader, Bitcoin accumulator, coder, and founder of Mutual Capital- a crypto cooperative as per his Twitter bio has started a petition as bitcoin tanks and crypto market crashes.

Started about three days back, he stated, “I started a petition, we can’t let this continue.” The petition “Stop Bitcoin from dumping lower” has been created on

The petition is directed towards SEC, Federal Reserve, Angelo BTC – a crypto trader, and Wolong.


The problem conveyed in the petition is “Why it keep go down?” Bitcoin price has dropped 80 percent from its all-time high (ATH). On weekend, it even went below $3,500. Well, analysts are saying $1k is a real possibility, so more pain seems to be ahead for the crypto market.

In tandem with Bitcoin, altcoins have taken a rather sharp fall resulting in the loss of about $700 billion in total market cap from its peak.

As for the solution, the petitioner provides with, “make it stop sir.” Well, that’s quite straight and too on point. It even has a personal story attached, “I don’t think I make it, help,” that many crypto enthusiasts and investors can definitely agree and familiarize with.

The petition has received the support of 200+ people and further extended its goal from 200 signatures to 500 now.

What do you think of this petition? Would you be signing this petition for help? Share your thoughts with us!


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