Polars.io Beta Testing: Community Lends a Hand in the Platform’s Development

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The Polars.io protocol is currently undergoing its Beta testing in which the members of its growing community are lending a hand in the development of the protocol ahead of the mainnet launch. Per an earlier report by Coingape, Polars is a prediction tool, which is infused with a host of decentralized finance (DeFi) centric features. While the host of the platform’s core features ranging from the prediction of real-world events with accruable rewards to liquidity farming are still in the Beta stage, the projected product offering from Polars is billed to be unique in today’s diverse DeFi world.

The Beta testing is currently seeing great participation, and this article reviews each of the steps involved in the testing phase, and how convenient it is for users to hop along.

Polars Beta Testing Stages To-do List

To become a part of the testers for the Polars Beta protocol, you must be added to a Whitelist, qualifying you to begin at stage 0 of the total of 4 stages involved in the testing. Stage 0 is preliminary and it involves five basic tasks outlined below;

  • Testers connect their Metamask to Ethereum rinkeby testnet.
  • Faucets are used to secure the test Ethereum for the testing.
  • Testers add TUSDC token to their Metamask wallet.
  • Purchasing test USDC at Uniswap Rinkeby, and lastly;
  • Testers are required to perform a targeted action in a telegram bot using a unique link.

The tasks in the Step 0 are fundamental, and testers cannot move to the next stage until all the tasks are completed. Detailed instructions about each of the listed tasks can be found here. Step 1 takes testers to the point of utilizing the TUSDC to interact with the Polars platform, and the detailed tasks involved are point out below;

  • Testers connect their Metamask to Ethereum rinkeby testnet.
  • Addition of the Black and White Token (BWT) token to testers Metamask.
  • Testers link their Metamask with the Polars Platform.
  • Testers take the liquidity of BWT.
  • Testers return the liquidity of BWT, and;
  • Testers perform a target action in a telegram bot using a unique link.

Each of these tasks can be done in any order, and since tester’s accounts are linked to their Telegram ID, they will be synchronized eventually. Step 2 involves more detailed tasks compared to the previous two, and here, after connecting Metamask with the Ethereum Rinkeby network and the Polars platform, users are to add Black and White tokens individually to the Metamask. Once this is done, the new tasks will thus include;

  • The addition of liquidity of BWT token to Secondary (Liquid) Pool, while receiving BWLT in return.
  • BUY/SELL BLACK, and;
  • Performing a target action in a telegram bot using a unique link.

Completing these tasks takes the testers to Step 3, with more advanced tasks involved. Here, the real product design of Polars will be tested out. Besides the fundamental connections with Rinkeby and the Polars platform, the testers are required to;

  • Go to the EVENTS page and choose your team.
  • Buy WHITE or BLACK tokens according to your prediction.
  • Perform a target action in a telegram bot using a unique link.
  • Wait for the result of the event.
  • Sell previously purchased tokens at a profit or loss.
  • Perform a target action in a telegram bot using a unique link.

The steps may be easily comprehensible for someone that is familiar with DeFi, however, for newbies, the Polars Medium account provides detailed guides with snapshots for easy comprehension. 

Why Should I join the Beta Testing?

The Polars team understands that time can be valuable in crypto and as such, they are incentivizing participation in the Beta testing program. Besides being amongst the early users of the platforms, testers will enjoy airdrops, discounted token sales, and more which are currently outlined in the project’s roadmap.
Follow them for more updates: polars.io
Telegram: https://telegram.polars.io/

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