Polinate to Propel a New Frontier For Creatives with its Listing on Gate.io

By Stan Peterson
Published September 28, 2021 Updated September 28, 2021
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Polinate to Propel a New Frontier For Creatives with its Listing on Gate.io

By Stan Peterson
Published September 28, 2021 Updated September 28, 2021

Crypto is becoming synonymous with breaking boundaries. Bitcoin and altcoins came in and made transactions as seamless and direct as possible. Moreover, Defi brought in new frontiers with a new age in finance. Now all you can do is save, stake, loan, and borrow money all from the comfort of your desktop with nothing but a few clicks. 

More recently, NFTs have shown a paradigm shift. What humans previously thought held value and what now holds value are beginning to change. Now digital collectibles are not only gaining value they are also revolutionizing industries.

Funded and incubated by SL2Capital, Polinate is a crowdfunding project that is similarly looking to change the way creatives crowdfund, produce, and ultimately cultivate fanbases through a merger of blockchain and the internet. Raising capital for projects has always been dicey. Before the advent of the internet, you would have to put ads in newspapers, take to the streets or go through hoops with companies to raise funding. The project recently raised funding of $1.25M through prominent blockchain investors and funds to accelerate its mission to power decentralized funding.

The internet supposedly brought with it a streamlined process where you could source for funding online far cheaply and without the interference of intermediaries through platforms like Kickstarter, Patreon, Gofundme, and many others. Time has shown however that rather than eliminating the red tape, the internet simply digitized it. With most platforms requiring far too much information than most are comfortable with, taking too much of your funding as ‘fees’, or being too saturated there are far too many problems with the current status quo.

Certified Listing of $POLI on Gate.io 

The 28th of September will bring a new dawn for Polinate. It is always good tidings for any project when a major listing comes it’s way. With the popular Gate.io expected to list the project, the future looks bright not just for Polinate but also for creatives looking to take advantage of the platform. 

 While the project is still in its inception, its creatives-first approach to problem-solving is a good omen for the future and will attract many new and veteran creatives alike to its platform.

The Co-founder Babar Shabir says;

“Listing on Gate is only the beginning of the many steps we will take to help empower artists around the globe using Polinate. This is such a big step for us and we want to thank our amazing community for continuing to support us. We wouldn’t be here without them.”

Complete Creative Freedom

Polinate is looking to change the narrative that comes with crowdfunding for projects. It has looked at what makes all other crowdfunding projects fall short and is fixing those problems. Unlike other options. Creating on Polinate is streamlined and can be reduced into a few simple steps. There seems to be no limitation on which creatives can take advantage of the platform including but not limited to:


Young artists may use incentives and future drops to finance their exhibits or creative projects.


This is a fantastic way for artists to raise money for things like music videos, concerts, and other live events while also rewarding attendees and fans.


In exchange for early access, a cameo, receive producer credits, and many more incentives, sponsors can provide funding for upcoming movie producers.


Comic books, novels, and other types of publications may be distributed via the platform. Supporters of the platform will have the opportunity to purchase early manuscripts, book prints, or even have a role in the storyline.


The platform may assist in financing educational initiatives such as live seminars or courses and provide incentives to participants and contributors.


Using the site, athletes may raise money for things like fighting clubs and personal training. There are many advantages for stakeholders.

From conception to completion, Polinate creates an environment for creatives where every step is done at their own pace.


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