Pooshi Coin is launching today! What you need to know

By Stan Peterson
Published September 18, 2021 Updated September 25, 2021
Pooshi coin

Pooshi Coin is launching today! What you need to know

By Stan Peterson
Published September 18, 2021 Updated September 25, 2021

Here’s why we think POOSHI is a tremendous investment opportunity for the short, mid or even long term:

  1. The POOSHI token will be supported by all their upcoming DeFi apps (e.g. PooDrop) thus increasing the demand of the token.
  2. It’s audited and doxxed with DessertSwap.
  3. Their strategy is to create various high-quality DeFi apps that will use the POOSHI token for transactions. 
  4. They’re not afraid to use aggressive marketing to spread awareness for their project. 
  5. The scheduled marketing timeline is truly impressive, you can find it on the official telegram group. 

How to buy the POOSHI token

1. Visit their official launch page by clicking here.
2. After September 18th 02:00 PM UTC the Buy on Pancakeswap button will become available.
3. On PancakeSwap you’ll need to connect your wallet to purchase POOSHI using BNB.
4. Done ✔️

p.s We recommend you to join their official telegram group to receive the latest updates and discussions.

Few words from the POOSHI CEO, Byron:

We’re projecting our first app (“PooDrop”) will be the leading crypto-airdrop solution after release. We began searching the DeFi market for a proven token airdrop source. After thorough research, our experts hadn’t found a single solution (mobile app or website) that met our ideal feature-set.

The wire framing process started on July 16th. We partnered with two mobile app developers to create the MVP (Minimum Viable Product). Our goal from the beginning was to create a user-friendly app that will maintain high quality standards for end-users.

Main app features:

  1. Exclusive airdrops for the Pooshi community.
  2. 100% reliable Pooshi airdrops.
  3. Users holding $POOSHI tokens will access participation, helping the POOSHI economy to grow.
  4. Airdrop listing fee automatically transfers to the liquidity pool and is locked for 12 months.

When you open the app, you’ll take a quick tour and create your account, which will require you to fill in some basic details and provide your wallet address. The app will check your $POOSHI balance before granting you participation access to all airdrops, as you will be required to hold more than 10M (million) $POOSHI tokens.

Our team is working toward a release date of October 28th, 2021. The app will be available in the App Store & Play Store, thus supporting both iOS & Android users. We’ll release a web version soon afterwards.

Everyone can become a member of our community; we’re mostly active on Telegram and Discord. See our official links below:

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