PR: Bexplus Analysts predicts Bitcoin Crash

By Guest Author
Published June 9, 2019 Updated June 8, 2019
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PR: Bexplus Analysts predicts Bitcoin Crash

By Guest Author
Published June 9, 2019 Updated June 8, 2019

Since the starting of 2019, Bitcoin (BTC) has gained huge attention from new investors, and it has inflated by 140% after a year-long crypto winter. Since April, bitcoin has started growing, and it reached the all-time highest point of $9,050 in intra-day since May 2018. However, after hitting the $9,000 mark, bitcoin price performed a strong decline and found support near $7,440 level. On the upside, there are many strong resistances near $8,000 and $8,100 level. There is also a crucial bearish trend line forming with support near $7,500. Look at the chart below reveals that the current parabolic burst appears to be a mini version or a fractal of the 2018 bear market, which also signals there might be another sharp drop in the coming future.

How to Profit from the Coming BTC Falling?

When BTC price is declining, trading BTC spots will only bring your loss. However, trading BTC futures contracts with leverage, you have more chance to make greater profits. In other words, margin trading lets traders”amplify trading results” by being able to “realize” greater returns on “successful trades”. In the cryptocurrency futures market, the ratios for margin trading normally range from 2:1 to 100:1 and it can be used to enter both long and short positions. 100x leverage is much more popular among the other times of leverage.

For example, if a crypto trader opens a short position with 100x leverage invested 1 BTC in, he/she actually purchases 100 contracts to buy/up BTC price. If BTC price goes down 1%, the profits will be also 100%. But if your bet on the opposite direction, the loss will also be 100%.

Popular 100x Leverage Bitcoin Futures Exchange – Bexplus

Thousands of futures exchanges emerge in the cryptocurrency market, among which, Bexplus exchange is one of the most reliable and professional one, offering 100x leveraged BTC, ETH and LTC perpetual contracts and recommended by Nasdaq. Bexplus was founded in late 2017 and headquartered in Hong Kong. Now it has also established offices in the U.S., Australia, Russia, Brazil, India, etc., gaining 10 million financing from Hong Kong-based and US-based VC firms.  

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Trading BTC futures contracts with 100x leverage, you may earn great profits on the huge market fluctuation recently. If you haven’t traded BTC futures before, Bexplus offers you 10 free BTC to try in trading simulator. Register now to get it.


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