#PR: Introducing SomniLife — The Web3 based HD Metaverse for SocialFi, Live and Earn

By Stan Peterson
Published January 3, 2022 Updated January 3, 2022

#PR: Introducing SomniLife — The Web3 based HD Metaverse for SocialFi, Live and Earn

By Stan Peterson
Published January 3, 2022 Updated January 3, 2022

New York, December 30, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — We are proud to announce the launch of SomniLife — the metaverse of the future where you can enjoy the best HD SocialFi experience powered by Web3. SomniLife is a SocialFi Metaverse ecosystem that is specially designed to connect users who want to live a dream life in high definition. 

Imagine a world where you can sit on the same couch as your friend who is a thousand miles away or visit the mall to shop for some amazing stuff from cool brands. Within the metaverse you can also build your own economy without limits by creating shops and services. 

In fact, the Web3 paradigm shift is bringing NFT tech to the Metaverse and creating limitless opportunities to experience these newly created digital worlds. It promises a decentralized world that will empower people to take control of their assets and live an enriching real life in the virtual world. 

Many leading brands like Nike are directly entering or planning to invest marketing capital in new metaverses. According to Reuters, the emerging virtual economy of the Metaverse already includes some 2.5 billion people and generates billions in revenue each year

Not all metaverses leverage Web3, AI, and HD to deliver High Fidelity worlds. In fact, most Metaverses are isolated games that do not fully utilize the decentralized, open, permissionless, cross-referencing nature of the Web3 and Blockchain technologies.

Enjoy an immersive SocialFi experience in High Definition

SomniLife is fundamentally different from the already established leaders. It is not just focused on providing you with unmatched social experiences but also  takes full advantage of Web3 interoperability and connects your multi-platform assets with Somni. 

Standing on its promise of delivering a rich and immersive social experience you can now create a unique identity through an AI generated avatar that looks exactly like you. Engage yourself in a completely immersive experience — decorate your virtual apartment and invite your friends over, or meet friends at clubs or malls. What’s more, you can enrich your social life by following friends, influencers, and celebrities. Join communities about topics that interest you or post comments and interact with like-minded people. 

Build your economy in our open world and earn rewards

Somni is more than a SocialFi platform. You can choose to build an economy without any limit. If you’re a brand or a designer, you can create and release unique digital product lines or sponsor exciting Metaverse events.  Break the physical barriers and form long-lasting partnerships with like-minded entrepreneurs. 

Influencers will be able to make live streamings through our HD clubs with better features and revenue conditions than traditional social media.

Further, you can use Somni tokens to purchase, mint or trade in-game NFT assets and even incentivize the content creators and other active inhabitants with Somni’s in-metaverse rewards. There will be plenty of opportunities to reserve and form partnerships to create a sustainable Metaverse, with a competitive revenue sharing model with the community.

In summary, create services, shops, and projects of your choice. Support open world creation in Somni and use Somni assets on other platforms, or build your DAO.  The sky’s the limit. 

Expect soon

Coming soon to you in 2022, is the brainchild of an international first-class team, combining leading experts from a range of industries, where Web3 meets VR and AI, for the best SocialFi Metaverse experience!

You can follow us on social media to learn more and join the conversation. Stay tuned to our upcoming first SocialFi activity: Connecting your Twitter and wallet to SomniLife will be rewarded!

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