Pre-Register on TNC IT Group’s Aladdin Exchange and Get 100 Miles

Guest Author Press Release published January 9, 2021 | modified January 11, 2021

Crypto Market
Crypto Market

Pre-Register on TNC IT Group’s Aladdin Exchange and Get 100 Miles

Aladdin Exchange is the newest digital asset exchange developed to facilitate cryptocurrency trading, asset storage, and digital currency listing.

Join the Aladdin Exchange pre-launch event by completing the pre-registration! Be one of the early birds to pre-register as the event closes after 60 days.

Aladdin Exchange Overview

Based in the UAE, Aladdin Exchange aims to cater to cryptocurrency users and traders all over the world. The overall exchange operations are led by the TNC IT Group. Within the platform, a convenient and transparent marketplace for cross-border crypto trading is made available.

Aladdin Exchange ensures a reliable market price for crypto asset buying and selling. Moreover, the exchange is expertly engineered with a security system of the highest standard to protect trader’s digital assets and secure transactions

In line with this, it aims to provide the best digital asset exchange experience to all its users by creating an ecosystem supported by the best blockchain infrastructure and the leading exchange technologies.

Pre-Registration Event

From December 31st, 2020, users are welcomed to join the Aladdin Exchange pre-launch event. By completing the pre-registration, users can receive 100 miles. These mileage rewards are given to pre-registered users only on a one-time basis

Just visit the official website to join the pre-registration event and sign up for your account. After sign up, you can log in to your account and start inviting your friends to pre-register as well.

Invite Friends Event

Invite your friends to join the Aladdin Exchange and receive more mileage rewards. By sharing the referral code displayed on the ‘My Dashboard’ page, you can earn 20 miles for every successful referral.

There are no referral limits. Thus, you can invite as many friends as you can and help in building the Aladdin Exchange community.

Mileage Conversion

Mileage can be exchanged for TNC Coins once the Aladdin Exchange officially opens. 1 mileage is equivalent to 1 TNC. Hence, pre-registered users get an instant 100 TNC on their account. This can be used when buying, selling, and trading cryptocurrencies within the exchange.

During the pre-launch event, all mileage rewards are temporarily locked. Once Aladdin Exchange starts its full service, pre-registered users can complete the KYC verification to unlock the mileage rewards and proceed to exchange with TNC Coins.

Do not miss the opportunity of supporting the Aladdin Exchange in its early stage! Pre-register and invite friends to earn mileage rewards. More perks and advantages are in store for pre-registered users once the crypto exchange is finally up and running.

Aladdin Exchange Community

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