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We are on the brink of a home entertainment revolution as we see different video platforms taking center stage. These video platforms come with a plethora of content that is made available for users to watch anytime and anywhere. The content can be subdivided into premium or niche categories and whether it is for long-term or short-term, the platforms have libraries comprised of enormous on-demand catalogs. These catalogs form the foundation for understanding what video metadata is.

Look at the AIWORK project for example, but from a consumer’s point of view; by making use of artificial intelligence and efficient content discoverability algorithms, the project makes it easier for consumers to find the specific content they want to watch. Instead of taking on the tedious task of plunging into the sea of content available online, AIWORK focuses on enhanced and normalized metadata for video content to improve user experience.

What is Metadata?

In the web page space, website developers use the term metadata to define the title, description, and meta tags such as keywords that describe a page’s content and improve its search optimization. Metadata functions essentially identically in the context of video platforms, but it aids in content discovery.

The AIWORK team insists that metadata is an important aspect of all types of files and content and by having comprehensive video metadata, you can truly observe the benefits of metadata. Metadata is utilized to categorize material in their video content scenario since it helps to identify, retrieve, and link it to other content. Because metadata allows for more precise content descriptions, it facilitates resource discovery in a library by making search and recommendations more detailed.

Because the project features unique AI Computer Vision algorithms operating on nodes employing CPU/GPU resources, we believe that normalized and enriched information serves as the backbone of the AIWORK protocol. The AI machinery can scan media files, create enriched information such as time-coded tags, categorization, categories, transcripts, and translations, and an index of video objects using these techniques.

This correlates to an improved user experience on the output end; as a user, you want a simple experience while looking for video content.

AIWORK Protocol Metadata Normalization and Enhancement

When you have standardized and improved the metadata for video material, it is not only easier to find your favorite content, but it also allows you to navigate effectively inside the video content itself.

The AIWORK protocol is constructed on a normal Ethereum blockchain, with all of the project’s video information anchored to it for access by dApps.

The AIWORK protocol’s unique content safety index, ContentGraph, is a vital component.  With normalized and upgraded video content metadata in place, the platform will employ AI to create a confidence score for each of numerous content safety features, including nudity, adult, foul language, hate speech, violence, firearms, alcohol, religion, and others.

The ultimate objective of AIWORK is to develop its metadata and ContentGraph so that it can create an Open Video Search Engine that provides a transparent and ubiquitous index and search engine for online video that is vetted and maintained by the community. AIWORK will achieve greater adoption and network effect by employing its normalized and improved video material to improve community participation, benefitting all participants, including third parties such as content distributors, publishers, and advertising.

The AIWORK Project in a Nutshell

AIWORK is a blockchain-powered open network for artificial intelligence that supports a marketplace of crowdsourced AI Human Experts to help produce, evaluate, and validate AI data sets that make AI smarter.

The project’s goal, as it relates to video footage, is to create an open, dispersed, and crowd-sourced community for transcription and translation. Owners and distributors of video material who need their content translated or transcribed will go to AIWORK’s open marketplace to take use of the project’s AI machine translation and transcription services, not to mention the team of human specialists who work to make the AI machinery smarter.

It is the combined effort of the AI machines and community of human experts that helps generate normalized and enhanced metadata for video content. This enhanced metadata then serves as the basis for the AIWORK protocol’s first decentralized application – an Open Video Search Engine that is decentralized, indexed, curated, and maintained by the community.

For the third parties out there that wish to make use of AIWORK’s services in the coming future, it is good to note that video metadata management is a long-term investment, in the end boosting your ROI on each individual video asset you are producing, distributing, or advertising. AIWORK’s normalized and enhanced metadata for video content gives your video assets:

  • Extended longevity
  • Additional context
  • Increased relevancy
  • Resource efficiency
  • Maintenance of historical records for your content
  • Documentation of production on the Ethereum blockchain
  • A persistent, canonical, and unique identifier for all your video assets

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